Understanding the link between stress management and HRV

Updated on June 18, 2019

The modern-day lifestyle is replete with challenges! From your professional and personal spheres, you have tasks to attend daily. That aside, you also have your dreams and pursuits that you want to work on. All these lead to tension and anxiety from time to time! Also, there’s the added anxiety that time is limited, and it’s running out. Not everyone has the same response to stress and tension. Some people can manage it well, and others might need a little hand-holding. The ones, who need help can count on HRV to balance their life.  

Stress affects your health

The heart rate variability is the difference of time between the heartbeats. It’s natural that when you get enthused about something, your heart rate increases. And you are calm and relaxed, and the heart rate gets back to normalcy. During these extreme situations, your heartbeat variation either is low or more. Higher HRV indicates that you are in a peaceful mindset. When the HRV is low, it suggests that an individual is completely stressed out and is anxious.  

Today, there are interesting ways to check the HRV. You can seek medical help, which is the traditional way. Else, you can opt-in for the medical apps and devices which help you to know the HRV readings within a few minutes. The readings are accurate and get downloaded in your Smartphone device. To know more on this, you can check out the Elite HRV biofeedback app and decide better. It will help you to see the heartbeat changes because of your stress and take instant action.  

Stress and anxiety are detrimental

Recent studies suggest that nothing lessens physical vitality and immunity than stress and anxiety. We don’t reside in a Utopian world. Stress and tension will always be a part of daily life. You need to gear up for your office presentations and perform excellently. Similarly, you need to address personal setbacks like relationship or family issues without any significant problems caused to the mind and body. All these can result in several ailments, such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Incorrect sugar levels
  • Chemical and hormonal imbalance
  • Diabetes and cholesterol
  • Headaches and the inability to concentrate
  • Continually swinging between fight and flight mode
  • Strokes
  • Mood swings and depression

These are some of the severe ailments that you might develop being exposed to extreme stress and trauma.

The solution

In many ways, HRV apps can help you bounce back to life! Every move towards a better lifestyle starts from knowing the facts. When you know that your HRV is low, it’s natural that you will begin implementing better lifestyle practices and activities. It enables you to make a fitness plan and work on it. As you apply the changes, you can keep checking the HRV readings, which will help you unlock essential details about your heart health and nervous system.

Today, there are several HRV apps available online. You need to make the best decision for your health. Make sure that you read all the reviews and choose the best apt, which provides accurate results.

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