Ubie Launches Checkup Platform for Patient Self-Monitoring, Medication Management and Improved Provider Communication

Updated on March 22, 2024

Ubie, a global healthcare AI platform that works at the intersection of patients, providers, and life sciences to guide everyone to better care, today announced the launch of Checkup, a platform designed to help patients track and improve their conditions by recording key measurements, providing reminders for medications and doctor appointments, and helping patients communicate with their providers. The platform allows patients to easily share updates and important health information with doctors to ensure their health and medication are being properly managed, and to flag any issues that may necessitate emergency care. 

For patients living with serious illnesses and chronic diseases, self-management of health between doctor appointments can be critical to their health. Patients who track their health and use data to communicate with providers are more likely to have better health. Patient self-monitoring also helps doctors assess patient health, see how medications are working, and understand if patients would benefit from other treatments.

Patient engagement and routine self-tracking are more likely to result in positive health changes and reduce the economic impact of chronic disease. But many patients have low health literacy or simply forget what their doctor asked them to do. Patient reminders and notifications are an important part of patient engagementNine out of 10 Americans don’t fully understand, or remember, their doctor’s instructions, and many need help remembering to take timely measurements or adhere to medications regimens. 

“We see in the clinics and hospitals we work with how difficult it is for patients with serious health conditions to not only remember to monitor and record key health data, but to also manage their medication and communicate these various pieces of information with their doctor during their next appointment, said Kota Kubo, Ubie Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “Ubie developed the Checkup app to serve as a single point of self-care management that tracks health, shares that information with care providers, and sets up reminders for critical care moments.” 

The Checkup app has specialized modules for a growing number of diseases to ensure that reminders are appropriate and personalized to a patient’s condition. The platform will launch with an asthma module, with plans to expand into other disease areas soon after. Asthma patients will be able to manage medications and monitor their Asthma Control Test (ACT) scores, which will allow doctors to gauge the seriousness of a patient’s asthma.

The majority of doctors in the US spend less than 17 minutes with their patients during a visit, with much of that time asking how things have evolved since the last visit. More than 60% of doctors feel they have little to no time or ability to effectively address their patients’ drivers of health. Patient self-monitoring with Checkup provides doctors with insights ahead of time, letting them focus on patients and their concerns.

Current tracking solutions tend to be disparate, with point-solutions spread across multiple platforms and devices, and the traditional method of recording health updates in a paper journal relying on a patient to remember without prompting. In between appointments, patients may also feel unsure of how their health is progressing and turn to other sources, such as internet search or online discussion groups, for information.

Checkup is easy for patients to set up and integrates with Ubie’s AI-powered Symptom Checker, which is used by over 9 million people every month. Patients fill out a profile their first time in the app, input information about their current treatment, answer questions specific to their condition, update symptoms and include notes for their doctor, followed by the input of appointment timing and location for tracking and reminders. The Checkup app will then provide patients with regular SMS reminders and encourage them to update their symptoms, measurements and information, as needed.

Checkup is part of Ubie’s care guidance platform, which currently includes Ubie’s Symptom Checker. The two will work together to help provide holistic guidance to patients from pre to post-diagnosis and disease management. The system is designed to help patients navigate the health system and ensure they are routed to where they need to be. 

About Ubie

Established in 2017, Ubie is at the forefront of the digital health revolution. Ubie harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to seamlessly navigate individuals towards appropriate healthcare services. Our mission is rooted in the belief that everyone, regardless of location or circumstance, deserves access to easily accessible and comprehensive healthcare. We are committed to transforming this vision into reality by creating a more personalized and user-friendly healthcare experience.

Our global presence is anchored at our headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, situated at the heart of Nihonbashi, and our U.S. headquarters in the bustling hub of New York City. These strategic locations enable us to cultivate and expand our impact on the healthcare industry worldwide.

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