Treating Narcolepsy with Herb is Possible

Updated on December 24, 2020

As per the Narcolepsy Network, it affects every 1 in 2000 people in the United States. As of now, around 200,000 people are suffering from acute narcolepsy. But the good news is 25% of them are undergoing the treatment and receiving positive results. 

Those who don’t know what narcolepsy is, here is something for you.

What is narcolepsy?

It is an acute neurological condition that impacts brain cells’ ability to control and change the sleep-wake cycle adversely. Those suffering from narcolepsy feel rested after waking and feel lethargic throughout the day. Some people often refer to it as procrastination, but narcolepsy is something more severe and serious than that. 

Many studies have shown that people suffering from narcolepsy tend to experience interrupted sleep and the habit of waking up throughout the night. It leaves a huge impact on the brain development, behavior, and overall lifestyle of an individual. 

What are the most common symptoms of narcolepsy?

If not diagnosed and treated at the right stage, it can turn out to be a lifetime problem. And the worst part is, it gets acute with age. Here, the best part is to understand the symptoms and get it treated at the initial stage. Some of the common symptoms of narcolepsy include – cataplexy, EDS (excessive daytime sleepiness), insomnia, sleep paralysis, automatic behaviors, and hallucinations. 

The kind of treatment depends on the type of narcolepsy you have. Generally, there are two types of narcolepsy, including – Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is when an individual with low levels of brain hormone suffers sleep disorders, and on the contrary Type 2 is the condition when people suffer excessive daytime sleepiness. It weakens the muscles and triggers the emotional state. 

What is the treatment?

Medical science suggests there is no permanent solution to narcolepsy. It is a sleep disorder that comes with sudden attacks making the circumstances worse for the sufferer. Here, many studies suggest going with CBD to heal the mental state and eradicate the signs of sleeping disorder. 

Those who don’t know CBD is a herb which is often called cannabidiol or cannabis. It is highly rich in quality anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, and other medicinal properties. CBD is considered as a preferred solution for a long list of health issues like anxiety, depression, mood swings, sleeping disorders, acute pain, etc. It does not make an individual high instead works on stabilizing the mental state. 

CBD is consumed differently, including edibles, cosmetic products, smoke, vape, dab, etc. Those who have tried CBD often go for dabbing the most. Resulting, we have a lot of dab bongs available in the market to enrich the experience. Talking about the newbies to this world of herbs, people must start slow with edibles to effectively ingest its impact. 

Apart from this, make sure you consult a practitioner or CBD expert before consuming cannabis in any form or amount. 

Key takeaway – 

Narcolepsy starts to take a toll on your health and lifestyle if not treated at the right time. Although one can take medicinal help to treat it when it comes to effective solutions, CBD can show some promising results too. 

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