Townhomes vs. Apartments

Updated on January 27, 2021

A home is a shelter we build for ourselves. It is where we seek refuge and feels relaxed after a long and strenuous day. The right home helps us with better luxuries and amenities that make our living more purposeful. Choosing the right home is choosing one that offers all the features that we desire and want. Apart from normal living, things that help us in living a better life are found in a luxury home. One such example of a luxury apartment is Citizen Anza in Torrance, CA.

Below are some points that help us differentiate between townhouses and apartments.

1- Arrangements and structure

Townhomes are known for their well-spaced nature; a community townhouse is positioned such that several houses are aligned in a row. Most townhouses are single-floored clusters of homes. Some of them have one or at the most two floors; in this case, the houses of upper floors belong to those dwelling on the ground floor.

Apartments are individual components of a building. A building is a multi-storied structure with more individual homes than in a town home. Therefore, townhouses mostly share two walls with adjacent homes; however, apartments mostly share more walls along with roofs and ceilings with the adjacent homes.

2- Spaciousness and number of rooms

Townhouses have more expansive areas and evenly distributed spaces. They typically have more rooms; the upper floors are the extra rooms that offer better accommodation to more family members. 

The apartments are more clustered rooms, just adequate spaces for living. They have fewer rooms than townhouses. Thus, townhouses are meant for comfortable and elite living.

The area in front of individual homes in a townhouse allows a better personal space for children to play, park cars, and so forth. However, those who live in an apartment lack this feature; they have to use a standard garden or a car park spot anywhere in the building.

3- Luxurious vs. relatively simple living

The difference between buildings and townhouses’ arrangements and structures offer different living conditions to people with different needs.

The spaciousness, availability of more rooms for personal spaces, and wider personal lawn make the townhouses more comfortable living. For those who wish for these features, usually go for a townhouse. 

However, some buildings also offer many of these features like more rooms and vaster inner premise. A condominium is a building that has more space and more rooms. It also has other amenities like gyms, swimming pools and sports grounds inside its premises. A townhouse has the unmatched personal living experience, though. Many townhouses have triangular rooftops with clay tiles. They are known for their aesthetic appeal.


Town homes and apartments are both the standard options for living. They have several differences like in their arrangements and structure; both these dwellings differ in terms of their spaciousness and the number of rooms and so on. The vertical yet more comprehensive area structuring of a townhouse and more room counts make them better for living. However, a condominium is an apartment building with better spaciousness and a range of amenities.

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