Top Things You Should Avoid When Pregnant

Updated on June 4, 2021

There are plenty of women that go through pregnancy without any significant issue and have a healthy baby. You have probably heard of the women who jog every day right up to when they give birth. Some women even go through pregnancy without realizing they are pregnant.

This can seem unfair to the one in four women that miscarry every year and face arduous pregnancies. Although adopting the right habits will not guarantee the pregnancy is smooth, it can certainly help. 

The most important habit to form is visiting your reputable obstetrician Sydney. They will monitor every stage of your pregnancy and help you adopt the best approach to keep you and your baby healthy. Of course, they will also monitor the baby to ensure it is developing normally, giving you peace of mind. 

It can help if you avoid the following things. 

Specific Foods

You are probably already aware that certain foods can be harmful to your baby. The biggest issues are with soft cheeses, especially moldy ones as they can contain listeria which increases the likelihood of miscarriages, stillbirths, and severe illness in your baby. 

You should also avoid raw or partially cooked eggs and be certain that all meat is cooked thoroughly. Dairy products should be made with pasteurized cow’s milk, avoid anything made with non pasteurized milk, or goat’s milk. 

Hair Dye

In general, research suggests that hair dye is safe. However, there are some studies that have linked the high doses of chemicals in hair dyes with issues during the pregnancy. You should note this is more likely to cause an issue in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.


If you are pregnant you should avoid alcohol. That’s it, there is no safe limit, alcohol consumption can harm the baby’s development.

Fake Tan

You may be surprised to discover that fake spray tans have the potential to be dangerous for your unborn baby. Lotions are fine but when you use spray tans you are likely to breathe some in, it is possible this can harm the baby. More research is needed to confirm this but for now, it is better to play safe!


Exercise shouldn’t necessarily be avoided but it should be considered carefully, preferably in conjunction with your obstetrician. This will ensure you are doing the right amount of moderate exercise and nothing too strenuous. 


A massage is generally a pleasant experience. However, during the first three months of pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid them, especially any that involve your belly being rubbed. 

After the first twelve weeks, massage and acupuncture are acceptable but it is best if they are done by a professional that understands you are pregnant. 


You should note that if you are redecorating an older house there is a chance that it has lead paint on the walls. Breathing this in can affect the brain development of your unborn child. For that reason, it is best to avoid decorating for at least the first trimester.

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