Top Reasons Your Workers Should Have a Safety Vest

Updated on July 19, 2020

Protecting your workers from work hazards is equally important as paying them well. As an employer, you should know that offering a competitive salary is not enough. To support your workers’ needs, you should also exert effort into making their work environment safe and secure. In this regard, you should consider providing them with high-quality personal protective equipment.

Personal protective equipment is safety gear that serves as your workers’ immediate protection from work-related hazards and other potential injuries while in the line of duty. PPEs can be purchased from a PPE store or specially designed as a custom printed workwear. Gloves, shoes, hard hats, coveralls, full bodysuits, and vests are all examples of PPEs.

The safety vest

One of the more common PPEs is safety vests. The reason it is quite popular is that these vests are highly functional. They are also worn across many industries. Some of the industries that rely heavily on the use of safety vests include road construction, traffic control, and emergency services, among many others. When your workers wear a safety vest, they instantly become more visible to the people around them. This feature makes it easy for your workers to avoid accidents and for the people around them to be more cautious. Here are the other reasons why weaning safety vests are highly recommended:

  • It improves visibility. Safety vests are high-visibility PPEs. They are ideal for people working in dark places or areas with limited lighting. Wearing safety vests helps workers stay visible, hence helping them veer away from possible accidents.
  • It makes identification easier. There are different kinds of safety vests worn for various purposes. A traffic enforcer’s safety vest looks different than the one worn by a typical motorist. These differences help people identify the person wearing it, the activities he or she is engaged in, and the possible hazard it may cause.
  • It’s convenient to use. Among everything else, a safety vest is also very easy and convenient to use. You don’t even have to spend more than two minutes putting it on. Furthermore, the typical safety vest has zippers and safety locks to make sure it stays in place.
  • It boosts brand awareness. Companies nowadays have found a way to promote their brand using PPEs. You, too, can join the bandwagon by adding your brand’s logo or company name in the safety vest. That helps make your workers easily identifiable as company employees. Furthermore, branding your workers’ safety vests also allows you to raise awareness about your brand.
  • It gives employers peace of mind. If you think PPEs such as safety vests solely benefit workers, think again. Aside from employees, employers like you also favor the use of safety vests as it minimises your legal obligations when your workers get injured. Moreover, setting the use of safety vests as an essential protocol keeps your employees safe, thus maintaining the operational efficiency of your company as well.

Proper use of safety vests

  • Safety vests usually come with secured locks and zippers. Make sure the vests you are distributing to your workers have these locks secured and in place.
  • Safety vests, along with other PPEs, should be well-maintained and clean. Otherwise, they might not last, or worse, they might not be able to adequately serve their intended purpose, which is to protect the person wearing the gear.
  • Safety vests should fit the worker wearing them. If the vest is too loose, it might easily fall off the shoulders of the worker. That might prevent the PPE from protecting the person wearing the vest. On the other hand, if the vest is too tight, it might not be comfortable enough to wear. Worse, it might limit the movement of the person wearing the gear.
  • Safety vests have specific washing, drying, and handling instructions, whether custom-made or bought from a PPE store. Remind your workers to follow these instructions to make their vests last longer and maintain their visibility properties.
  • While safety vests are one of the more common PPEs across different industries, it doesn’t mean that it’s the only PPE you will ever need. Determine what other safety equipment your workers need, depending on their duties and responsibilities and the possible hazards you are exposing them to.

Working in potentially dangerous work environments is nothing to worry about if your workers are using the right protective gear. As early as now, you should invest in high-quality PPEs and make sure you are giving your workers the support they need to do their jobs well with minimal risks.

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