Top Mattress Options For Summer 2023

Updated on August 26, 2023

The past year saw a shift in focus from the hustle and grind of life to placing much more emphasis on health and rest, and one of the most important elements that contribute to a healthy life is sufficient and restful sleep. To get good sleep, however, you need a good mattress. For this reason, when you invest in a bed, you need to make sure it is ideal for your sleep patterns and situation.

While there are many options to choose from, finding the cream of the crop is always challenging. This handy guide will help you pick a mattress that will provide optimal sleep and keep you cool during the hot season.

First, Know Your Mattress Needs

Understanding what you need for a good night’s sleep is the first step in finding the right mattress. Perhaps, you prefer sleeping on your back, or maybe you start on your side and then spend most of the night on your stomach. While there are several sleeping positions, they are grouped into three main categories—back sleeper, side sleeper, and stomach sleeper. Depending on which position you sleep in, you will need a different level of softness from your mattress.

Firmness refers to how hard or soft a mattress feels. Though it seems like a simple question to answer, determining a mattresses’ firmness can be pretty tricky. This is because the ideal firmness for you will depend on your personal definitions for soft, medium, and firm, alongside other factors like your body type, size, and weight.

Never confuse support with firmness. A supportive mattress aligns your spine without creating pressure points, whereas a firm mattress is relatively more rigid than others but doesn’t necessarily have specially-designed support mechanisms. All types of mattresses can offer support—soft, medium-firm, or firm. Mattress firmness is ranked on a scale from 1 to 10. According to experts, the preferred firmness level for all sleepers falls between 4-7 out of 10.

You should also think about the environment you will be sleeping in, especially during the hot summer months. Certain types of mattresses retain too much heat, making them the wrong fit for your body. Organic or natural latex, cooling gel memory foam, hybrid and innerspring beds are ideal for summer. They help you cool down and allow for a lot of airflows.

A Mattress Style Guide

When you shop for a new mattress, you will likely be overwhelmed by the range of prices, from almost-too-low-to-believe to astronomical. The good news is, you will only have to spend around $1,000 for a comfortable and supportive mattress. Some of the significant types of mattress types include form, innerspring, and adjustable air mattresses.

Foam mattresses are typically made of layers of polyurethane and sometimes latex. Memory foam mattresses are soft and mold to your body when you lie on them. And once you get up, it springs back to its original shape.

On the other hand, traditional innerspring mattresses comprise steel coils in various configurations. Hybrids often have a layer of foam atop the springs. However, you can also find variations with special layers of cushioning, such as infused gel or pillow-top layer.

Adjustable air mattresses are another option. You inflate the mattress to your desired firmness using an electric pump. They often come with additional layers of foam on top. With many brands putting their own twists on these various styles, you will surely be able to find a mattress that fits your physical sleep needs, living circumstances, and budget.

Options for Every Lifestyle

Mattress brands have created so many options that finding the right mattress for everyone is now possible. One feature you should consider, especially if you share your bed with a partner, is motion isolation. If you or your partner move around a lot at night, you likely disturb one another’s sleep. A bed with strong motion isolation solves this issue and allows both of you to rest in peace.

Similarly, there are also mattresses for sleeping with a partner who has different sleep preferences. These options allow you to adjust the temperature, firmness and positioning individually on each side of the bed.

Delivery methods have also undergone some innovations, with beds sealed into a small box that expands upon opening for easy home delivery. If you do not have air conditioning, there are mattress materials designed to keep you cool in the summer heat.

Know What’s Out There

Finding the right mattress for you will be a personal decision. Regardless of how reputable a brand is or how many users enjoy their products, you might feel differently. So, you must listen to your body.

Ensure you do your research online. Knowing what’s out there will help you quickly zero in on the right mattress. Additionally, check out some of the top mattress sellers in your area, where you can actually test out your potential future mattress.

Embrace Sound Sleep

Finding a mattress that fits your personal needs can be pretty overwhelming. After all, the mere range of price and commitment involved in purchasing something that is meant to last for a long time makes it a difficult choice to make. Nevertheless, understanding the many options and employing a bit of patience will improve your chances of finding a mattress that works for you.

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