Top 7 tips to be a successful influencer

Updated on November 27, 2020

Everyone can be an influencer on Instagram, but not all of them are successful ones. Instagram has more than 1 billion active users, and about 500,000 are influencers. And brands collab only with successful influencers. To be a successful influencer, you undoubtedly have to raise your peak of followers, but how? If you’re the one who wants to become a successful influencer, you don’t have to get hard on you but work smart. 

Here are some tips to follow during your journey to become a successful influencer

Post regularly

The key to gain more followers is posting regularly. The more you post, the greater number of followers you’ll get. Top influencers on Instagram post twice a day to engage with their followers. Suppose you can’t post twice, at least post once per day. Or you can also miss one day in a week, but be consistent!

Go live weekly

Your followers are there for you! Make time for them. Try to interact with them. And probably, the best way to interact is no other than face to face. No, not in person. With the Instagram Live feature, you can interact on-air with your followers. Another plus point for going live is when you’re live, you pop up the first in the story feed.

Create audience generated content

Try to share the content that your followers like, not the one that you like. But how to know what your audience likes? For this, you may use your analytics. View Insights to know your posts’ reach. The post can reach people that are not even on your followers’ list. This can be analysed by either viewing Insights or simply checking the post with more likes.

Engage with the audience

Engagement is crucial when you want to gain more Instagram followers. Yes, you can go live weekly, post regularly, but another practice you can follow is in the comments section. Reply to as many comments as you can. Pin the most intriguing comments on top; this attracts the audience and tends to engage in your post.

Do ‘ask me a question’session

If you cannot go live, use a question-answer session as a substitute.You cannot reply to every question in your DM, but you can respond to questions on your Instagram story. So, this is a great yet comfortable way to interact with your audience.

Collaborate with others

Try to collab with brands to get into the eyes of users that are not on your followers’ list. Collaboration not gives you a chance to get more followers but also helps in expanding your reach.And the best part is you get paid for influence marketing.

Post at the best time

What’s the best time to post? It wholly depends on your target audience. Know when your audience is available. Generally, evening or night time is the best to post as everyone is free from work and merely doing scrolling on the internet. 

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