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Top 7 Causes For Alabama Traffic Accidents

Top 7 Causes For Alabama Traffic Accidents
Two Drivers Arguing After Traffic Accident

Be honest — have you ever gotten behind the wheel after having a few drinks? What about driving while texting?

Drivers should get held to a high standard. Why? These distractions often lead to deadly car accidents. Read on to learn the top seven causes of Alabama traffic accidents.

1. Excessive Speeding

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Speeding continues to be the leading cause of accidents. If there’s a posted speed limit on your road, then there’s a reason for it. Exceeding the limit puts both yourself and others at risk.

The best way to avoid this type of accident is to obey all traffic laws.

2. Driving Under the Influence

DUI-related accidents continue to be a concern in Alabama. Our state has the 5th highest DUI fatality rate in the nation.

If you’ve had a few beers, then don’t risk driving. There are plenty of alternatives like ordering an Uber or calling a friend.

3. Failure to Yield

Have you ever run a stop sign? You likely didn’t think much of it at the time, but it could’ve caused a crash.

Here are some places that failure to yield accidents happen:

  • Intersections
  • 3-Way stops
  • Traffic lights
  • Merging onto a highway

Even if you don’t see a car, it’s important to yield to traffic. There could be a pedestrian or bike rider attempting to crash.

4. Tailgating

Tailgating means following too close to the car ahead. The behavior is a common road-rage red flag. Often, impatience leads to an accident.

Courts order reckless drivers to pay more damages than in other accident scenarios. You’ll want to research more information about damage caps in Alabama if this applies to you.

5. Drowsy Driving

You’ve heard about drunk driving, but what about drowsy driving? These types of accidents occur when a fatigued driver makes a mistake. The error leads to a crash that could’ve gotten prevented.

6. Improper Lane Changes

There’s plenty of jokes on social media about people not using their blinkers.

But, this is a real problem on the road. An unsafe lane change happens when you make an unexpected move. This type of action forces other motorists to respond.

While you may think you have plenty of space to move over, another motorist may get surprised and brake. The chain of events often results in a collision.

7. Deteriorating Roads

Unlike other states, Alabama’s roads aren’t in the best condition. Deteriorating roads, according to recent research, is leading to:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Increased traffic
  • Rising operating costs

What appears to be a small pothole can transform into a big problem if it causes an accident.

Causes and Consequences of Alabama Traffic Accidents

Alabama traffic accidents happen when you least expect them. Often, these destructive collisions result in a loss of life. Even when there are no fatalities, crashes still cause injuries and property damage. 

These unacceptable consequences should make us all pause when we get behind the wheel. Always do your best to drive responsibly.

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