Top 5 Tips Which May Help You Cope With Cancer

Updated on February 10, 2021

Cancer is a disease that forces your body cells to uncontrollably divide, affecting the surrounding tissues. This, in turn, makes your body weaker. 

To fight this dangerous disease, you should try to look for different ways on how to cope with it, especially since there’s a great chance of fighting cancer as long as you have the right treatment and support. 

Listed below are top tips that may help you cope with cancer:  

1.     Try Cannabis

Other than being used recreationally, you may also use cannabis to help you feel better about your cancer. There have been many studies about cannabis and cancer that tackles how the former helps cancer patients relieve pain associated with cancer.

Before consuming cannabis, you should consult with your doctor first so you can have their consent. Along with this, your doctor should also provide prescriptions with the right dosage. 

2.     Get Emotional Support

Having cancer is a tough situation to be in, which is why you need to make sure that you get the best emotional support you need. You can gather support from your family and friends. You just need to ensure that your support group can lend an ear and provide positivity in your life by cheering you up as much as they can. While it can be a bummer, you shouldn’t stop them from trying and try to accept what they can offer.  

If you feel that you need to speak to someone who can truly understand what you’re going through, you might want to consider joining a cancer support group as you could exchange similar experiences and be more honest and vocal about your pains that you find difficult to share with your family.  

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3.     Manage Your Stress

When you have cancer, you might be frequently stressed out, especially when you have negative thoughts about the future and what you can do to be free from it.  

When you’re under stress, you should look for ways to relax, so you’ll be calm. You could try to meditate, practice yoga, or do something relaxing that you enjoy. You could even watch your favorite TV series, cook hearty meals, sew a dress, or build a chair. Always try to allot at least 20 minutes of your day just for yourself to relieve you from your stress. 

4.     Regularly Exercise

To allow your body to be healthy and strong, you shouldn’t miss out on doing regular exercises and eating a healthy diet. While that can be quite frustrating to think about, especially that you’ve still developed cancer, you should continue to regularly exercise so you’ll be healthier, helping you fight off any cancer cells.  

Moreover, if you aren’t used to doing exercises during your pre-cancer period, you should try to begin with light cardio exercises and try to work up your phase from there. Doctors recommend that you exercise for at least 150 minutes a week to keep up with a healthy lifestyle.  

5.     Eat Healthily

Along with exercising regularly, you should also have a healthy diet so you’ll have more vitamins and minerals, helping your body become healthier and fight off your cancer cells.  

When it comes to eating healthy, you should eat a balanced diet that includes lean protein, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. Ideally, you should avoid eating processed foods, junk foods, carbonated drinks, and sweets.  

Additionally, you should also learn if your body is truly hungry or full. Often, your body mistakes thirst for hunger, making you eat more than you should. If you feel that you’re hungry, you should drink water first and see if you’re still hungry. This should help prevent you from overeating.  


While having cancer isn’t a great thing, you should still look for ways to cope with it. This can be done by gathering the most emotional support you can get. Along with this, you should also physically and mentally take care of yourself. This is done by relieving yourself from stress and practicing a healthy diet and doing regular exercises.

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