Top 5 Series Soundtracks of All Time

Updated on March 18, 2022

Music soothes your mind and releases all the stress. There is a huge variety in music people have different choices and they like to enjoy songs according to their taste. You will find different forms in different nations across the world in different cultures. 

But the point is that everyone loves to hear songs and enjoy them. There is a special category of soundtracks that people love a lot and that is from the series or movies. You have the example of the Bollywood industry where the movies are incomplete without songs and dances. 

Series Soundtracks

There is the same trend in Hollywood and many other industries where they release specific soundtracks along with each series or other entertainment programs. So, people can enjoy the story, drama, and music. Even these are the essential parts of any entertainment program.

Game of Thrones is one such example that has a melodious soundtrack and The Witcher Season 2 is another one that offers a track Burn Butcher Burn. If you want to know more about the soundtrack and learn it, then I would recommend you to visit Joey Batey Burn Butcher Burn Lyrics.

But you must not skip or close this page because I am going to share more such tracks with you. Including the one that I have mentioned in the above paragraph. Here I have selected the Top 5 Series Soundtracks of All Time that are worthy to listen to today. 

5 Best Soundtracks from English Series

As I said, there are so many forms of soundtracks that you can enjoy. But the tracks from series and movies are getting more popularity among users from all over the world. So, that is the reason why I have decided to pen down a review on some of the most famous tracks from the series. 

You may have watched so many series and their multiple seasons. They offer lots of entertainment and knowledge as well. Because they are filled with drama, comedy, romance, and more genres. So, you get a chance to enjoy all the entertainment genres in a single series. 

Image of Series Soundtracks

Because these are based on multiple episodes and seasons that is why producers try to every relevant item. So, the viewers can get some real entertainment and appreciate their work. So, the success depends on the package that you have made for the audience. 

However, it is not important that every aspect of any series must be perfect as everything requires improvement. But a single factor in any such program can make it super hit and inspire people, or flop it at all. So, therefore, it is not easy to impress the audience when they have lots of options. 

In this era, there are tons of entertainment sources. So, people have a choice and they prefer the things that are trending and unique or new from the previous programs. So, with the passage of time industry upgrades itself and brings the content people like most. 

So, putting music, dance, and romance is essential in the current era. However, unnecessary scenes may further spoil the story and may lead to annoying viewers. An important part of the series is the soundtracks or music. So, now you can come to know about the top 5 Series Soundtracks of All Time.

Stranger Things

You may have watched the most famous series called Stranger Things. It is based on a story about supernatural forces and there are so many horror scenes. Moreover, you can experience some other genres such as fiction, science fiction, and drama.

It has multiple seasons and for each season, there is a new and unique track. If you are interested, then you can watch all of the seasons or even its tracks on Netflix. It is considered one of the most famous tracks from any series. 

Game of Thrones

I am sure that everyone knows about this series as it is quite popular. However, all of its seasons are completed. It was used to telecast on HBO. There are almost 9 ruling families fighting to rule the world. However, the most appealing part of the series is its music.

The name of the track is Game of Thrones Track or Theme. However, there is no special name for the theme song. It is the theme that has got so much fame, but there are some other tracks that you can find in its different series.

Burn Butcher Burn – The Witcher Season 2

The Witcher Season 2 is quite famous among the fans not only for the fantastic story and visualization but also for its tracks. Although there are multiple songs in the series, however, Burn Butcher Burn has got some admiration from the fans that have officially sung by Joey Batey. 

The Marvelous Mrs

It is a series that has multiple tracks but the famous one is ‘Isn’t This a Lovely Day. It is an American comedy cum drama series based on multiple seasons. You can watch the whole season on Prime Video meanwhile there are different tracks available free on YouTube. 

Within You – One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is a series that is based on drama. This amazing series is created by Mark Schwahn. It was first released in 2003 since multiple seasons have been produced for the fans. Although there are so many tracks or musical moments, however, ‘Within You’ is quite famous among all.


Here are so many other series that have received so much admiration from the viewers for tremendous and melodious tracks. But the ones that I have mentioned above are more popular among the people. That is the reason why I have to select them in my list of Top 5 Series Soundtracks of All Time.

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