Top 5 Most Lucrative Nursing Specialties

Updated on July 16, 2021

One of the perks about landing a lucrative job is being able to afford the type of life you want. That does not mean spending on luxurious things. Instead, it is all about the chance to pay your bills without straining your pockets. Nursing is one profession that pays handsomely. However, specific specialties are offering higher pay than others.  Read on to find out more about nursing and the 10 of the highest-paying specialties in the job market.


1. Psychiatric nursing

Until the recent past, psychiatric nursing was a profession that most people didn’t know existed. A person battling a mental health condition could never have believed that a psychiatric nurse can handle their health better than a doctor. Nowadays, psychiatric nurses provide both inpatient and outpatient services depending on roles and responsibilities. A nurse in advanced psychiatric care is capable of earning a five-figure in wages annually. To qualify as a psychiatric nurse, you should pass your master’s degree in the specialty.

2. Nurse midwifery

Women’s health is also another essential healthcare practice ambitious nurses ought to pursue. Nursing midwifery deals with various women’s health issues, including gynecological and reproductive health therapies. Part of the job description also involves steering the childbirth process within a hospital or at home and caring for newborns.

A recent job outlook analysis discovered that job offers for nurse-midwifery might increase by 45% by 2029. The average pay from a midwifery nurse varies depending on the geographical area, employer, and how many years you have been in the profession. The salary ranges between $78,000- $113.

3. Nurse anesthetist

A nurse anesthetist is the first professional that patients set to undergo surgery see. Before putting a patient under anesthesia, these professionals will first conduct medical exams, determine what medications or supplements the patient is currently taking, and educate the patient on what to expect before and after their surgery.

Their work is labor-intensive and sensitive, qualifying it as one of the highest-paying professions. A certified and registered nurse administering anesthesia earns around $189,190, depending on their geographical setting, employer terms, and the magnitude of their responsibilities. Qualifying for this position requires a master’s degree in the specialty from an authorized school.

4. Pain management

This type of nursing specialty is all about devising suitable relief treatment options for post-surgery patients and those who are dealing with unceasing pain. Pain management specialists identify the source of the pain and prescribe the right treatment plan to improve their quality of life. It also involves enlightening patients about the importance of pain management and resisting the temptation to manage pain through prescriptions. These nurses also offer counseling to terminally ill patients and their family members.

Pain management is labor-intensive, which is why it is considered one of the most lucrative job descriptions. According to a recent study, pain management nurses earn close to $101,916 annually. Since their work allows them to work in different healthcare settings, setting a reasonable salary is one way of motivating budding nurses to pursue the specialty.

5. Nursing admin

A nursing administrator performs various bookkeeping tasks such as budgeting, balancing accounts and authorizing transactions. They also oversee nursing activities, which is an HR-related task. Studies suggest that nursing administrator positions might increase by 32% by 2029.

By mid-2019, nurses occupying this position earned an annual pay of around $119-180. To qualify for the job description, you are required to acquire a Healthcare Administration Master’s Degree. You should also obtain state licensing from relevant authorities.

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While money should not be your driving force when offering patient care, it helps to know what to expect from these job descriptions. You do not have to break your back pursuing general nursing when your cognitive skills can give you the chance to explore other lucrative options.

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As you pursue your career, check out what authoritative sites are saying about salary earnings. That way, you will remain abreast with important information. If your current nursing position does not seem lucrative enough, you are free to further your education by specializing in what you understand best. Find more about it by checking this nursing education resource. With time and dedication, you can land a respectful nursing position with lucrative pay.

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