Top 3 Ways to Engage Your B2B Buyer in the Healthcare Industry

Updated on January 16, 2022
Mike Scher

The key to successful selling is having more sales conversations with decision makers but sales reps often fail to reach them at all. Reps are highly trained on how to close a deal, but even the most experienced sales people struggle with how to secure that first conversation. There is a solution—and it’s easier than you think.

According to Mike Scher, Co-Founder & CEO of FRONTLINE Selling, the biggest challenge for sales reps is simply creating enough meaningful conversations. The Atlanta-area company FRONTLINE Selling, tackled this problem by analyzing 1.8 million outreach efforts and creating a methodology that helps B2B companies dramatically increase their number of first appointments with decision makers. StaccatoTM, the ground-breaking and easy-to-navigate SaaS, integrates seamlessly with Salesforce. Staccato is applauded by top salespeople for providing an effective, common-sense blueprint of who to contact, when to contact them, what to say and how often to say it. 

And, while having a “nose for the close” is still a very powerful tool, the Staccato creators say there are some basics rules to follow in the prospect-phase.  Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, hospital technology, medical device or supply sales, these are Mike Scher’s top tips to significantly improve opportunity creation and accelerate sales:

  1. Do not sell on the first call. People are busy and nine times out of ten, your call is interrupting their day. Be respectful and do not try to sell on that call. It is easy to lose sight of the fact that prospects don’t usually wake up in the morning saying “I need to buy one of these today!”  So instead, use this first call to explain your value proposition and suggest a convenient time to discuss in more detail. Once you secure that appointment, then and only then, does the real selling begin.
  2. Embrace the Gatekeeper.  We think of the call-screeners and/or admins as Tour Guides on our journey to the deal. Briefly explain your value proposition and ask for their help in identifying the person who would be part of that decision-making process. With the right approach, you can easily gather names, titles and email addresses—as well as internal referrals that establish credibility within the organization.
  3. Getting to OZ will require Dorothy, Scarecrow, and the rest! The key to securing appointments with decision makers is touching multiple people in an account, multiple times—in a specific order. By combining personalized voice messages, administrative assistant conversations and synchronized emails with the all the key players, your appointment and conversion rates will go through the roof.

According to Mike Scher, who has been a President’s Club winner for most of his career, reaching the key player is a challenge for even the most seasoned sales people. The success of Staccato is how the software removes the ‘trial and error’ by standardizing the process across your sales team. Following the methodology will help your reps convert more leads into opportunities, consistently hit quota and close more deals.

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