Top 3 Best Patient Communication Software

Updated on March 21, 2024

Whether you’ve been working in health care for a couple of years or a couple of decades, you probably know patient communication extends far beyond the exam room. Fortunately, it’s easy to use patient communication software to fill in the gaps. Although the specific features vary by the provider, people can typically rely on such platforms to:

  • Provide clarification about agreed-upon treatment plans
  • Answer quick questions or assess patients’ new symptoms
  • Encourage patients to stay accountable for their well-being
  • Accept payment for upcoming or past treatments 

Here are the top three best patient communication software options to consider when looking for time-saving and user-friendly ways to connect with those who rely on you for medical care. 

1. Tebra

Tebra is a practice management and automation solution that offers targeted features for today’s medical providers. The platform has multiple solutions that combine into a complete operating system. It includes options to help users: 

  • Attract more patients
  • Manage a practice’s reputation
  • Analyze relevant data
  • Improve care delivery
  • Expedite payments
  • Automate repetitive tasks

Key Features

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Help Patients Find Your Practice: Tebra has built-in features to develop your practice’s website and marketing efforts. Give patients the necessary information to find your locations and quickly see what sets your establishment apart from other options. 

Get Patient Feedback: People love opportunities to give feedback about positive and negative service. Social media makes that easier than ever, but many like to be even more direct. Tebra offers integrated survey tools to grow brand awareness while attracting more patients. 

Engage on Your Patients’ Terms: Thanks to apps, social media, forums and other near-immediate engagement methods, people are accustomed to quick responses and few or no delays. Use Tebra’s patient engagement-related features to distribute custom intake forms, give appointment reminders and provide online scheduling. 

Reach Greater Efficiency Levels: Try Tebra’s automated features to unlock efficiencies and streamline workflows. Whether you want to optimize billing, communications or front-office operations, Tebra can help you identify and fix inefficiencies.

Enhance Patient Care: Rely on Tebra’s useful features to build a complete picture of a patient’s health and the associated interventions or management measures. 

Who Is Tebra For?

Tebra is a product ideally suited for: 

  • New practices
  • Specialty practices 
  • Independent practices
  • Billing companies
  • Patients 

Before considering whether it’s an appropriate solution, think about your most pressing needs and which parts of your practice management take the most time or are frequently error-prone. Tebra does not publish pricing information, so it’s a good idea to have clearly identified needs and hoped-for outcomes before engaging with any of the company’s employees. 

Tebra provides interested persons with free, personalized product demos in exchange for basic contact details. Requesting one should help you become more familiar with how Tebra works, giving you the information needed to make more informed decisions. 

2. Rectangle Health

Ready to simultaneously strengthen and simplify your patient management and communication options? Rectangle Health has you covered. 

Key Features

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Keep Your Patients Engaged: Regular communications with your patients can strengthen treatment adherence, improve their perception of the practice and care received, and even encourage them to recommend your medical facility to people they know. Use Rectangular Health’s handy features to keep in touch with patients in mutually beneficial ways. 

Offer Patient Payment and Financing Solutions: Medical care can bring unexpected expenses. Increase the likelihood of your patients seeking your practice’s advice when needed by providing more budget-friendly ways for them to pay. Use the payment and financing options within Rectangle Health to boost your practice’s profitability potential and streamline workflows.

Build Trustworthy Relationships: Appointment reminders, online scheduling and other patient conveniences can combine to improve satisfaction rates and help people view your practice as a worthwhile patient care choice. Use Rectangle Health’s capabilities to automate your communications. That’s a practical way to save time while nurturing relationships with those who depend on you to provide reliable medical care. 

Stay Compliant Without the Paperwork: Rectangle Health helps you create scalable HIPAA- and OSHA-compliant programs with tailor-made solutions. Reduce the time and headaches often associated with compliance measures, opening more opportunities to focus on patient care and communication. 

Optimize Your Processes: Explore Rectangle Health’s system-agnostic interface and integration capabilities to make the most of your regular and repetitive tasks. The ability to automatically post payments to the patient ledger helps you stay organized and provides a quick practice profitability overview. 

Who Is Rectangle Health For?

In addition to catering to medical providers, the Rectangle Health platform has enterprise-level services. Interested service providers can also partner with Rectangle Health to drive revenue. 

However, the price structures vary depending on how people want and need to use the platform. Consider which features would drive the most value for your practice and best support your patient communication needs. Mention them during conversations with customer service agents, sales professionals or others affiliated with the company.

Rectangle Health’s solutions encompass the following products: 

  • Practice Management Bridge
  • Bridge Engagement
  • Bridge Payments
  • Bridge Compliance 

Rectangle Health does not provide payment specifics for each area. Consider learning more about each product offering and thinking about how you could apply them to address identified needs within your practice. Are you ready for a product demo? You can get one via the Rectangle Health website after providing straightforward details about yourself and your practice.

3. OhMD

Communicating with your patients should be enjoyable and easy. OhMD provides a user-friendly solution to meet those goals. 

Key Features

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Use the Two-Way SMS Chat: Texting has become the preferred method of communication for many people, especially if they don’t want to deal with the possibility of waiting on hold or sending an email. OhMD lets providers directly engage with patients via text, whether to schedule appointments or send bulk messages to an entire practice. 

Handle Telehealth Visits Through a Simplified Platform: Although telehealth has removed barriers for many patients, it has created some, too. Many less-tech-savvy users get overwhelmed at the prospect of using dedicated portals, downloading apps or creating login details. Thanks to the built-in and simplified telehealth platform, patients can use OhMD without doing any of those things. Plus, providers can use this feature over their practices’ landlines, saving them from installing new communications infrastructure. 

Place Outgoing Calls to Patients Inside OhMD: Try the one-click calling feature to connect with your patients without leaving the platform or picking up a phone. If you want typed documentation of what happened during each call, use the call-to-text functionality to automatically create that record without taking time away from your other responsibilities. 

Find New Ways to Connect With Patients Through Text Messages: Besides texting patients to schedule visits or provide appointment reminders, OhMD opens more opportunities to keep recipients engaged. You can send or request intake forms, offer surveys for people to complete or deliver images via text messaging. 

Stay up to Date and in Control: Communication strategies at your medical practice can be simpler than you might think. OhMD provides an easy user management feature, giving you a central place to deactivate platform access when needed. Also, this software does not directly save data to user devices, promoting better security and privacy. The auditing capabilities also let you review chat logs for any platform user, ensuring the communications align with your practice’s values. 

Who Is OhMD For?

Consider OhMD for your patient communication needs if you’re someone who works in: 

  • Value-based care settings
  • Hospitals
  • Outpatient clinics

Unlike the two products covered above, OhMD offers pricing details directly on the official website. Choose from the Basic plan, which is appropriate for up to 15 team members, or the Reach subscription. The Basic plan is a free option providing unlimited in-app texting between patients and providers. Reach starts at $200 per month. It comes with many of the features detailed above, such as chat auditing and call-to-text functionality. 

If you anticipate that more than 50 people in your patient care setting will need access to OhMD, contact the company to get more details about the pricing for your situation.

How Can You Find the Best Patient Communication Software?

These are three of the leading options in the patient communication software space. However, even after learning about their features, interested parties should consider their budgets, the most desirable functionality and how many people will need to use the software. 

Once people request a software trial or purchase these platforms, they’ll get the best results by reserving ample time for relevant staff members to get acquainted with the chosen product. Additionally, when it’s time to introduce that solution to patients, the ideal approach is to stay open to feedback and readily guide them through the transition. Remember that most people naturally resist doing things differently initially, but they often quickly warm up to the new process after recognizing the availability of friendly support. 

A final thing to remember is there’s no universally best patient communication software. The most appropriate option for people requiring these platforms will depend on their long-term plans, immediate needs and methods to stay connected with those using the relevant medical practices and health care facilities. Use this product breakdown to kickstart your research and feel more confident about deciding whether one of the three detailed products is ideal for your circumstances.

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