Top 10 Reasons Why Wooden Toys are the Best


Although there is a rich assortment of toys available in-store and through online shops, parents should be careful when they choose one. There are plenty of reasons why you should avoid filling the toy box with plastic playthings. Unlike their plastic counterparts, wooden toys boast a range of benefits in terms of their design and impact on the child’s development.

1. They pose no health risks for children

Toys made of plastic contain toxic elements that can lead to health-related issues. Besides, once a plastic toy breaks or shatters into pieces, it exposes sharp edges and splinters that, when swallowed, cause internal injuries.

Alternatively, wooden toys won’t break easily. They are designed using sturdy materials and are painted with non-toxic coating, which makes them safe for children willing to put objects in their mouths.

2. They are made of sustainable materials

Purchasing wooden toys helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste. Such products decompose faster than plastic, safely breaking down under the influence of natural processes instead of polluting the environment for decades.

3. They outlive their plastic counterparts

Wooden toys can easily withstand the test of time. Such products are generally made of quality wood and can be passed down from generation to generation with only a couple of visible dents and scratches, while most plastic toys can break after a dozen hours of playtime and abuse.

4. They are easy to repair

Even if after years of wear and tear, the toy eventually gets damaged, you can fix it and restore its original colors with non-toxic paints. When plastic toys break, in most cases, we have to throw them away to reduce the risk of children’s injuries.

5. They are more affordable in the long run

Although such toys can be more expensive than their plastic counterparts, products made of wood are way more durable, meaning that you won’t have to purchase a new toy every time an old one breaks.

6. They encourage early education

Plastic toys are generally flashy and produce a range of sound effects that keep the child busy but do very little to foster cognitive development in early childhood.

By contrast, wooden toys are designed in the form of puzzles. Along with developing motor skills, children start to understand cause-and-effect relations, the many ways objects of different sizes and shapes can be placed in relation to one other, and more.

7. They stimulate sensory perception

Wooden dinosaurs, building blocks, and all sorts of figurines of different sizes have different textures and weights. By exploring the surfaces of wooden toys, children engage most of their senses, which contributes immensely to their sensory development.

8. They are less distracting

They don’t have electronic elements producing chaotic sound effects and flashing lights that may disrupt the thinking process. Wooden toys allow children to be in control of what they do rather than make them overly excited about all those bells and whistles that are so generously stuffed into plastic toys.

9. They are aesthetically pleasing

Whether it is a wooden farm, a dollhouse, or a construction set, all the toys are painted with natural colors. Their beautiful design can enhance the d├ęcor of any room. Depending on the products you select, you can create a positive and inviting atmosphere or make sure that the area is just nice and calm.

10. They are stress-free

All those distracting elements, including flashing lights, splashes of bright colors, and a variety of loud noises cause anxiety in young children. Wooden toys, on the contrary, create a calm and healthy environment for development thanks to their minimalist design and versatility.