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Updated on October 9, 2020

Across various medical specialties, countless patients depend on medical practitioners for comprehensive care. From diagnostic testing to the physical implementation of treatment procedures, patients take an active role in various stages of medical intervention. Often, though, patients receive limited education, insight, and self-advocacy resources that can enhance patient success. Dr. Tom Chang MD, Managing Partner of multi-location Acuity Eye Group, believes in the transformative power of providing extensive patient education.

Growing his practice from a singular location to the Western United States’ most expansive Ophthalmology group, Tom Chang MD has witnessed the impact of patient advocacy and education. Since its inception, Chang has been committed to championing the spread of patient education, availability of learning material, and awareness of various eye health issues. Below, Chang explores how Ophthalmologists and other medical professionals can maximize patient success and outcomes through proactive education.

Developing Healthy Habits

Many proactive facets of healthcare can prolong overall wellness and target specific areas of well-being. However, to maximize long-term wellness, beneficial habits must be formed, implemented correctly, and maintained over an elongated period. Medical professionals can play an integral role in helping patients develop healthy habits. In the world of eye care, Tom Chang MD regularly reminds patients that ocular care is a long-term journey one should begin as soon as possible to ensure healthy eyes. He regularly touts the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, paying attention to screen usage, and engaging in activities that will benefit eye health. These activities include tertiary practices that also benefit overall health, such as getting enough sleep and maintaining a healthy diet filled with adequate vitamins and minerals.

Tom Chang MD Empowering Patients To Speak Up

All too often, patients feel rushed during appointments, or otherwise unable to speak up about various concerns. By regularly establishing streams of communication via proactive educational methods, experts like Tom Chang MD can establish trusting relationships with patients. In turn, this can empower patients to speak up about any potential issues, concerns, or changes. In various fields of medicine, including Ophthalmology, patients are the first line of defense against potentially worsening conditions.

Patients can most often recognize subtle symptoms and changes, and thus, proactively care for their overall wellness. Leading Ophthalmologist Tom Chang MD regularly reminds patients to maintain an acute awareness of any changes in vision and the onset of any symptoms. If any symptoms or changes are present, Dr. Chang encourages patients to immediately speak up, advocate for themselves, and resolve all potential concerns via communication with their Ophthalmologist.

For patients to feel comfortable speaking up about potential concerns, and not minimize or discount symptoms, a healthy relationship must exist. Thus, experts like Tom Chang MD work diligently to foster relationships that champion proactive communication. All personnel within his multi-location practice, Acuity Eye Group, ensure the growth of these relationships and teach patients about the various benefits of proactive action.

Catching Diseases Early

In the realm of ocular care, many degenerative and progressive diseases do not manifest physical symptoms, especially in the beginning stages of disease progression. Thus, patients need to maintain regular and active care. This means participating in annual examinations and regularly communicating with the right medical professionals. Tom Chang MD touts the positive effects of regular maintenance, annual examinations, and continued communication with all patients. Taking patient care a step further, staff regularly reaches out to patients to garner insights and updates and remind patients about upcoming annual examinations.

Going the proverbial extra mile not only serves as a reminder for service but highlights the collaborative nature of the relationship between patients and their eye care provider. By taking care of this relationship, patients will reap the various benefits associated with proactive care, education, and self-advocacy.

This includes the ability to catch various diseases early. Chang reminds patients that many diseases can be treated a lot more efficiently and successfully if they are within the early stages of development. He ensures that patients understand that they will likely see a more positive outcome if they catch issues without waiting too long.

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Access To Education

To ensure that education and advocacy continue after the duration of an in-patient visit, Dr. Tom Chang MD arms patients with ample information that is easy to find, easy to navigate, and pertinent to their specific needs. This includes regular email communication, telephone communication, and a wide breadth of online information. By offering plenty of information in easily accessible sources, Tom Chang MD ensures that patients are well-informed. Additionally, many services are available digitally, including the ability to request appointments and complete new patient paperwork before arrival. This eliminates cumbersome paperwork in the clinic and enables patients to have more face-to-face time during the visit.

All of these initiatives increase educational opportunities, elicit patient empowerment, and welcome an active relationship between all parties involved in care.

Final Thoughts

Patient engagement is proven to improve patient outcomes. By sharing enthusiastic, pertinent, and meaningful information with patients, physicians can elicit increased self-advocacy, the development of healthy habits, and the propensity for patients to speak up about any perceived issues. In the eye care realm, LA’s leading Ophthalmologist, Dr. Tom Chang MD, remains committed to maximizing the power of patient education. Chang proactively works to develop, strengthen, and maintain positive patient relationships. After all, patient wellness is the cornerstone of medical care. For Dr. Chang, comprehensive patient care starts with education, empowerment, and advocacy.

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