Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Mobility Scooter

Updated on December 20, 2021

Mobility scooters are a blessing for people with reduced mobility. It helps them move both indoor and outdoor with ease. However, mobility scooters aren’t any cheap investment. An average mobility scooter will cost you around $1000 or more, and so you would want to maximize its performance and durability. And the best way to do so is to maintain your mobility scooter in good condition. 

Therefore, we will disclose the top tips on how to take care of your mobility scooter to aid you in its maintenance. The care includes maintaining the battery, cleaning it properly, and also, proper storage facility to safeguard it from external elements and weather. 

How to Take Care Of Your Mobility Scooter 

A mobility scooter is a major investment, and so you should take proper care of it to extend the lifespan. Also, it ensures a better riding experience and safety for you. Plus, mobility scooters that can be used both indoors and outdoors need better maintenance since they are used more extensively. 

Before we jump into the care and maintenance of your mobility scooter, here’s a golden rule you should follow, “Always remove the battery before you clean and wash the mobility scooter.”

Tip #1: Always protect from weather and elements

Like everything, mobility scooters aren’t invincible to weather and external elements such as rain, snow, and rust. Hence, you should always store the mobility scooter safely away from external elements to prolong its lifespan. 

When riding the scooter during inclement weather outside, ensure that the electrical parts, especially the battery, are protected. Furthermore, the scooter may come with a fabric or leather seat. You should cover the seat with a cover to maintain the leathery smoothness. 

The best thing is to store your mobility scooter in the garage. It saves the scooter from rust, corrosion due to weather and external elements. 

Tip #2: Check the tires and wheels

Once a week, you should check the tires and ensure proper air pressure. Yes, mobility scooter tires are durable and long-lasting. Yet, it wears out when ridden too frequently outside. Thus, you should check the pressure. Follow the user manual to know the right PSI for the tires and measure it with a PSI gauge. 

Also, check the tires thoroughly for any possible punctures and damages. If you see punctures or damages, repair it immediately.  When the tire’s tread starts wearing out, you should replace the entire tire to maintain its performance. 

Tip #3: Cleaning is essential 

When you ride the mobility scooter for an extended period, dust, grime, and other particles will slowly accumulate on its frame and surface. Hence, the scooter will look dull. We recommend you clean up the dust and grime from the scooter weekly. 

You can use a clean piece of cloth to wipe out the dust. Also, once every month, you should wash the entire scooter, including its tires and wheels. Make sure you remove the battery safely before washing the scooter with water and soap. Also, dry it properly before reinstalling the battery. 

Tip #4: Take care of the battery

The battery is one of your scooter’s most crucial and expensive parts. Thus, you need to maintain it properly. You should read the user manual to know the range of the battery with every full charge. Ideally, you should charge the battery whenever it reaches below 30% and charges it around 80% to 90% to maintain optimal performance. Also, check the charging time to protect it from overcharging. 

Next up, you should charge the battery fully before you right the mobility scooter for the first time. Also, once every week, you must drain the battery completely and then charge it 100%. It ensures improved performance. 

Last but not least, don’t get frustrated if you see the battery not delivering its recommended range during the first few days. Usually, a mobility scooter battery needs a 15-20 charging cycle to reach its full potential. 

And yes, here’s a golden rule you should follow. Always drain the battery to 0% and remove it from the scooter if you need to store the scooter for an extended period. It protects both the scooter and battery from unwanted damages. 

Tip #5: A thorough inspection 

Finally, once a year, you should visit the mobility scooter mechanic and perform a thorough inspection of the scooter. A trained mechanic will quickly check your mobility scooter and spot even the smallest problems you may not find.  Thus, you can fix the problems quickly and save money due to costly repairs. 

Final Words

Most people think that taking care of a mobility scooter is hectic and tough work. But, in reality, it is not so. We sincerely hope that these 5 top tips to take care of your mobility scooter opens up your eyes and also assist you in maintaining the mobility scooter in good condition. When you take good care of the scooter, be sure to get premium performance, which is worth the time you spend to maintain it. 

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