Updated on August 21, 2020

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Have you ever contemplated how your nursing career will progress over the next five years? Have you visualized your progress after a decade or so? To be successful in any given career path, it is crucial to invest in one’s education and explore lucrative opportunities.

The health market is ripe with opportunities, and there is a burgeoning demand for experienced and skilled nurses worldwide. However, it is crucial to understand that your education, skillset, and marketability will determine your worth. Presently, there is an overwhelming demand for nurses with continued nursing education and advanced degrees.

In the context of this article, we will walk you through some insightful tricks to upgrade your nursing career.

Here’s everything you need to know:


As a nurse, it is crucial to continue investing in your education to upgrade your career path and explore lucrative opportunities. The majority of the registered nurses pursue associates, diplomas, or other lower-level programs. Naturally, one has to account for schedules, tuition costs, and current employment responsibilities.

It is ideal to start investing in your education if you seek to advance in your career path in the next 5-10 years. If you’ve completed your bachelor’s in another subject and undertaken a nursing diploma, consider pursuing a bachelor’s of nursing online. If you’re a licensed practical nurse (LPN), consider pursuing an associate degree in Nursing (ADN)

As you continue advancing your nursing education and skillset, you can explore high-paying jobs and leadership opportunities. You can steer your career towards multiple directions, such as research, policymaking, public healthcare, education and training, administrative roles, and others. A vast majority of nurses are going back to school to upgrade their academic degrees and enhance their marketability.

Higher nursing degrees and experience allow you to enjoy greater professional freedom and financial security. You can charter your career path and make impactful contributions to your field.


Building and utilizing your networks across the healthcare community is crucial to chart your career path towards success. It is essential to adopt networking skills and engage with experts, nursing professionals, and mentors inside and outside the healthcare sector. Meeting new people from the same professional will allow you to explore new opportunities.

The exchange of ideas and information introduces us to new approaches and solutions. What is your focus in the field of nursing? For instance, if you’re focused on enhancing patient care and experiences, find nurses and groups with similar interests. There are various professional networks, groups, and nursing associations. Be sure to explore related groups in your city, state, or locality.

Social and professional networking is of paramount significance in this day and age. You can network within your community and state, and explore opportunities for global networking. Networking is closely associated with the healthcare industry as it allows professionals from various disciplines to connect, share, and innovate.


While mentorship relationships cannot be rushed or forced, it is essential to cultivate them. As a nurse, you need to seek out mentors who can guide you and offer valuable insight for career advancement. We all seek out role models in any given setting, be it professional or academic.

You need to identify a mentor who inspires you, makes you feel comfortable, and encourages you to perform better. Mentorship relationships begin with career advice, guidance, and suggestions. Don’t be afraid to reach out for coaching, help, and wisdom from an experienced and successful nursing professional.

It is ideal to seek mentorship from professionals who work with you as opposed to your supervisors or superiors. You can also seek guidance and mentorship from professionals outside the healthcare sector to gain a fresh perspective on your career path.

You can look into mentoring programs and organizations that can assist you with pragmatic and professional advice. Nurses advised volunteering for nursing associations, research groups, and journal clubs. Having a helpful community can make a world of difference when one is struggling to define one’s career path.


Professionalism is a crucial component of success in the field of nursing. As a nurse, you need to embody the traits of honesty and respect patient confidentiality and privacy. It will help if you are attentive to building practical interpersonal skills to cultivate healthy relations with your patients and coworkers.

Maintaining competency and advancing your skill set requires you to keep a positive attitude so you can add value to your services. Ethical practices and values drive nurse professionalism. As a nurse, you influence the quality of your organization and the health of your patients. Ethical considerations, honesty, and professionalism must drive your decisions and on-the-job demeanor.

Most employers tend to examine the candidate’s social media profiles and personal websites. Therefore, you need to maintain professionalism online and offline. Be mindful of the pictures and content you share publicly, as it can reflect on your resume and career prospects.


The key to upgrading your nursing career lies in your dedication towards developing yourself as a professional. It is always helpful to work towards the career path you seek and cultivate the skills required for that position. For instance, if you find administrative roles, consider working on your communication and conflict management skills.

In this day and age, nurses must regard themselves as leaders and work actively to promote their leadership acumen and skillsets. Cultivating a leadership mindset will help you explore opportunities within your organization and across the industry.

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