This Letter Will Help You Cope With Drug Addiction


Life is not easy. It is all about evolution, with only the strong ones surviving. It is more about mental strength, and not just about physical strength. Most especially, life is very hard for those who have a drug addiction. According to  Jon Stolzer from Men’s Clinic of Nashville, Substance abuse, most of the time is not a choice, but it’s something that can’t be controlled. 

And truthfully it made me think, Who wants to be called an addict? Who would want to be a burden for their family and lastly, who wants to be socially avoided because of their struggle in dealing with uncontrollable behavior? Experts from  Men’s Clinic of Nashville, TN has 

Everyone has unfulfilled wants that are not centered on anyone else. It might sound selfish, but I believe that the core of one’s being can only rotate around oneself. “I want things, I want changes in others, and I want different things.” All of these wants never ends. And I believe that this desire is the same for everyone. 

A way to cope up with the emotion


I can only speak from the perspective of someone who has never tried drug or alcohol addiction. My understanding of your world is only through my observation. I can’t say that I know what it’s like to be you, and I don’t wish to walk in your shoes to find out. 

Every day, there are people out there who always say “No,” which is just a part of life. Hurt and disappointment is as much a part of living as happiness, joy, and love. Pain is the same for those who have an addiction and for those who don’t. The only difference is how we respond and cope with our feelings, whether they are bad or good.

I have no idea what drugs can do to a person who is using it to manage disappointment. I don’t know in what way drug trafficking increases happiness. But what I know is that you despite every day that you used drugs. I can sense how your life is out of control, which causes you to swirl into a pit of despair.

Struggle to change


Many drug addicts struggle with being clean and feel more pain than joy. It is a time in your life where everything is not balanced. You work so hard just to live, but everyone around you is saying no. That’s why there are many frustrations.  Men’s Clinic of Nashville has mentors who had the same challenges with substance abuse in the past but was able to win the battle of addiction. 

You depend on one place where there will be no one to reject you and one life that is willing to accept you, which is the life of using drugs that you have known for how many years. All you think is that it is the easiest path to take.

However, you should also know that the current pain you feel will fade eventually.

I believe that the feeling of losing someone you love is something similar to what you are going through to live. Your old life needs to die, and there is a huge pain with that death. Each passing day you are eager to use just one more time.

Time might heal all the wounds, but the scars of the past are there forever.

In perfect time, you will have a well-balanced life again, and you will feel more joy than pain. But as for now, you must walk on a hard path and look for the will to survive. You will become tough every time you want to walk away from that dangerous and tempting drugs.


It might be difficult to see because the way to recovery is not that easy. Walking away from drug addiction is difficult, but every drug addict should remember that they are not walking alone. Some people reach out their hand to help them with every step.

About The Author
Jon Stolzer,

Jon Stolzer is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in health care. He was spotlighted in Top 100 Magazine’s “Top 40 Under 40” for Health Care, recognized by Williamson County for cutting edge med-tech, and the Nashville Business Journal for Rising Stars. Jon Stolzer focuses on vulnerable patient populations and merges the latest medical advancements in therapies for both men’s health and patients in recovery. Jon has assembled a team of top experts, including the state of Tennessee’s only double board-certified doctor.


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