Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Nurse

Updated on July 27, 2021

Nursing is one of the most lucrative professions around the world. It gives you a chance to touch the lives of vulnerable people directly. It also features one of the most intense study programs. However, you can always get professional nursing homeworks help to make your studies easier. 



Nursing attracts mixed perception. To some people, it is a lucrative career. For others, it involves working endless hours on your feet. How does this image relate to the actual situation on the ground? It is time to learn a few facts about nursing to help you make a decision on whether to join the profession. 

You have to put extra study hours

Nursing falls in the medical category. This category is extra sensitive because you are dealing with human life. For that reason, the level of accuracy required is higher than any other reason. 

To achieve the highest accuracy requires extensive studies while in college and beyond. Prepare to study late into the night, over weekends, and holidays to master the voluminous issues you are expected to know by the time you graduate. There is no room for an opinion because it could cost the life of a patient. Prepare to put in the hours needed. 

It is the profession for the humanitarian at heart

Nurses encounter some of the most desperate health situations in the world. The people under your care are at your mercy. You need the most humane spirit to handle their issues with a straight head. 

Your role as a nurse will be more than issuing drugs and changing bandages. You have to give hope to the sick as well as their parents or relatives. Every day as a nurse calls for a humane approach to the issues facing your clients. 

It is not for the faint hearted

Nurses work in situations of health crisis and delicate conditions. You will handle dying patients and the gravest injuries. Some health conditions might make you lose faith in human life or run from the hospital. Successful nurses are not the faint hearted. 

Nurses working in extreme medical conditions may experience stress and mental health issues. You need to be resilient as well as have the ability to handle tough situations with a level head. For instance, you might have to make a tough medical decision upon your parents or partner. Only the bold can survive working as nurses in hospitals and such other health facilities. 

Hollywood gets it all wrong

Hollywood will encourage or discourage you to join the profession. It is better to ask an actual nurse before making a decision based on what you see on movies or television programs. Everything from the scrubs nurses wear to the roles they play is different from actual life. 

In a real-life situation, a nurse is fairly independent. She has a higher role that requires critical thinking as opposed to the assistance duties she carries in movies. Nurses are not servants, leave alone sex objects. 

Nurses do not exist to take orders from doctors. They think and act independently with clear roles during every procedure. It would be misleading to join or fail to join the profession on the basis of what movies depict. 

Prepare for long working hours

Medical procedures can be unpredictable. An operation that was to take an hour may extend to an entire day. Some of these procedures do not allow for a change in professionals managing the patient. For this reason, your plans may be ruined in an instance. 

You also work a lot of hours on your feet. To maintain a level head, you must be physically and mentally strong. Exercise regularly, eat well, and prepare for longer work hours than you would expect. Fatigue will never be an excuse if you are accused of negligence during an operation. 

Night shift, holidays, and weekends are a norm

Nurses do not work regular hours. Depending on your station and responsibilities, you will be expected to report to work in the evening, over weekends, and even during holidays. It especially applies to nurses serving in facilities running 24/7. 

Working odd hours does not stop you from planning your schedule. However, you will have to skip some of your social events to report to work. You will need an understanding family and circle of friends. 

It is more than being in hospital 

Nurses do not only work in the hospital environment, especially in wards. While you might be in the hospital, your job description could be that of an administrator. Nurses also work in health related communities as well as non-governmental organizations. 

A lot of research takes place in the nursing profession. Once you advance your studies, you have a chance to be a nursing scholar. Insurance companies also employ nurses who can assess reports and approve payments. 

A lot of nurses are also working as entrepreneurs. Since they understand the medical profession, they can develop technology based solutions for hospitals. Training as a nurse becomes a gateway to many other professions. 

Carry your memory 

 A nurse requires the highest degree of accuracy in her work. You need memory since you cannot be referring to your notes every time you face a situation. The best assignment services will help you with class work to give you more time to memorize nursing concepts. Master the procedures, prescriptions, and patient details. It will make your work easier and accurate. 

Nursing is one of the few professions where you can practice anywhere in the world. A nurse is also one of the most respected members of society. Becoming a nurse ushers you into one of the most noble professions in the world. 

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