Things You Need to Know About the Workforce Australia

Updated on January 16, 2023
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Workforce Australia is a new employment support system that aims to help unemployed people find work. Through a new website portal, job seekers will be able to manage their own employment search.

Job seekers who require additional assistance finding an appropriate job will be transferred to a local Workforce Australia Services provider.

Their assistance will allow participants to access various activities and services based on their individual needs and goals. All services will help participants find, apply for, begin, and continue working in suitable positions.

For whom is Workforce Australia available?

All Australians can access Workforce Australia Online. not just those getting financial aid.

What does Workforce Australia mean for me as a job seeker?

People under Workforce Australia will have the information and resources necessary to find employment, pick up new skills, or seek additional support if necessary.

Independent job seekers

The following resources are available to job searchers on income support who are determined to be able to handle their own job search and employment are available through Workforce Australia:

  • A dedicated contact centre to assist and optimise their use of the online services, as well as fundamental services like resume tools, online learning, professional career counselling
  • A jobs board with skills matching and access to other courses and programs.

What makes Workforce Australia unique?

Workforce Australia will register you if you are unemployed but eager to find and begin working.

You can access your account starting on July 4 through the Workforce Australia app or the new website workforce Sign in with your current jobactive account information. Your information will be available in your new Workforce Australia Online account, and a copy of your current Job Plan for your reference.

You will be able to complete the following tasks with this platform:

  • Complete your own job search and job reporting requirements.
  • Enrol in online programmes to improve or learn new skills.
  • Useful tools for online learning and job searching
  • For assistance, contact the Digital Services Contact Centre by phone or email.
  • Apply for financial assistance for job-related expenses such as police checks and the completion of micro-credentials like white cards.

If you are invited to join Workforce Australia Online but prefer to work with a Workforce Australia provider, please get in touch with your local Workforce Australia service provider team to see if we can assist.

Activation System Based on Points

Workforce Australia is launching a new Points-Based Activation System for individuals receiving financial assistance with mutual obligation requirements (PBAS). PBAS will give you more options and flexibility in meeting your reporting obligations each reporting period. You will complete tasks and activities in order to earn the points required to meet your individually tailored point target.

What services do Workforce Australia providers provide?

Workforce Australia employment service providers assist you in getting ready for work and finding work. If you require more assistance than Digital Services, you may be assigned to Enhanced Services, simply more services tailored to your specific needs.

This customised support may include activities, group learning, interview practice, computer assistance, and other practical assistance to prepare you to search for the right job.

What is the difference between enhanced services and online services in Workforce Australia?

If you are unemployed and are searching for work, you will begin in Workforce Australia’s new online services section. This service is provided by the government and will assist you in your job search, reporting your activities while looking for work, and managing your service online or through the Digital Services Contact Centre.

Enhanced services assist people in gaining skills, gaining experience, and progressing toward employment. The relationship with your consultant is central to this, as it can help ensure that your employment strategy will help you find sustainable employment that fits your circumstances. We will also be able to connect you with other community services, such as Training and Health teams, which can offer more specialised assistance.

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