Things You Need To Know About IPL Permanent Hair Removal Langley


The hair strands on our heads are often what comes to mind when thinking about hair. At the same time, other parts of our bodies can grow it too. Sometimes, they even grow in unwanted places.

Such things have the potential to diminish our self-confidence. After all, visibly hairy body parts can drive people away from us. Some of our body parts that have unusual hair growths will even produce unpleasant smells.


Hence, hair removal becomes a solution to prevent it in unwanted places from growing further (read more). Laser hair removal is a tool to remove hairs without experiencing any degrees of painful feelings. In this article, we will start by disclosing the laser removal advantages you should consider.

The Advantages Of IPL 

IPL removal stands for Intense Pulsed Laser. This treatment is suitable for both genders despite the massive number of females who uses it for regular maintenance. 

Here are the rest of the advantages:

  • This treatment method is both practical and (almost) without any hassles. All you need to do is wait for around 20 minutes for the treatments to finish. Such times are brief compared to other removal methods.
  • It can prevent ingrown hair even in sensitive body areas. Say goodbye to Brazilian waxes forever.
  • It is one of the most economical alternatives to eliminate unwanted hair. Often, the treatment payment plans come in a package. So, you will not need to pay for the individual l prices as in other methods.
  • The flexibility this has is almost unparalleled from other similar treatments. You can shave as much as you would like in one session.

These four reasons are the contributing factors to consider IPL treatments. On the other side, observing the advantages alone are not enough on their own. So, we will see how are the IPL treatment processes in eliminating your body hair for good.

The Process

The payment always comes first when it comes to removing hair permanently through IPL treatments. Once you have agreed to the schedule, the skincare specialists will diagnose your skin. 

Letting the specialists know about various specific skin conditions like inflammatory acne or eczema is a crucial action that you should execute in this step. Then, the following steps will follow once the skin evaluation steps are over:

  1. The skincare specialists put on their blindfolds (usually in black color). In return, you will wear black-colored sunglasses. This step is pivotal to ensure friendliness to the eyes.
  1. Then, the specialists clean up your intended areas and apply cool gels on them.
  1. The professionals will apply the light pulses after they turn them on from IPL devices. This step can take around 20-30 minutes in one session.
  1. Have at least one month’s worth of rest before you go into another treatment session.

Most people will need three to six treatment sessions on their desired body parts. They will have to repeat Step 1-Step 3 for every session until they have achieved the outcomes.

The Side Effects Of IPL Treatments

While it is true that the IPL treatment is less hurtful than any other similar treatment for unwanted hair, it is still subject to many side effects. Here are the influences of removing hair permanently using the treatment:

  • More minuscule-sized injuries can be the effects. Such things include redness, bruises (on tolerable degrees), itching, swelling, and peeling. However, the more treatment sessions you attend, the more likely you can mitigate these risk types.
  • Sometimes, people report more severe side effects. For instance, they may experience burning, blistering, or scarring. Again, these things depend on the tools the skincare professionals use. Also, the ways the professionals execute the steps for IPL treatments influence these entire things.

One of the myths about a permanent hair removal treatment with IPL that people often refer to is the possibility to cause cancer. Surprisingly, IPL treatments never cause any skin cancers, even though they use laser-powered tools in the processes.

How To Prevent The IPL Treatment Side Effects

When we look back to the side effects we mentioned earlier, we will see that IPL treatments are the most convenient to deal with hair in unwanted body areas. 

However, it does not mean that there is nothing we can do to prevent them from appearing. The following are the ways we can do to ensure the effects do not get to us:

  • Use natural beauty products after each session of IPL permanent hair removal treatments (preferably the ones with antidote effects, such as the anti-inflammatory effects).
  • Avoid over-exposing yourself to sunlight. Sunbathing is a big no-no if it is a summer day.
  • Allocate at least 15 minutes of resting time for each work you do after each treatment session. Additionally, set a reminder not to scratch your skin areas.
  • Trim your fingernails at least once a week. Once you do, refrain from using sticker nails with the three-dimensional arts.
  • Consider alternative removal methods if you feel IPL is not for you.

Finally, IPL is not the only solution to remove hair using laser methods. Other laser treatments you can consider including the original and the Fraxel laser treatment. Microdermabrasion is yet another solution for the facial area.

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