Things To Look for Before You Join a West Hollywood Gym

Updated on November 24, 2019
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When you sign up for a gym membership, they say that it is almost the same as getting married. It is because you are not only financially bound to that West Hollywood gym of your choice, but, you are also investing your time with your gym. But, not like your spouse, a gym is not going to get mad at you if you did not show up. As a matter of fact, your gym is even more than willing to just take your money whether you go five times a week, or just five times a year. 

However, just as you take care when it comes to choosing a spouse, this should be at least at that same level of care when you choose your preferred West Hollywood gym so that you are sure that you will go, you will be happy, and, most importantly, you are not wasting your money. Read more: Primo Fitness strength equipment.

Tips For Finding the Right West Hollywood Gym

Before diving in and signing up a gym membership that may lock you up for several months, or even years, you should see to it that you really are ready. You can do this by first trying out several gyms by availing free trials for at least a week or so in order for you to go at different times and so that you can use all of the facilities that are available. 

So, when you are going to visit the gym, you should do so during times and days that you will be working out. If you do it this way, you can see if the gym is crowded. So you should pay added attention to the machines and the group fitness classes if this is what you want to focus on, and then see if they have lines for you to get in. 

What to Look for in a West Hollywood Gym

  • Check out the location of the gym

The location of the gym is the single and most important element with your decision. A gym may have all the bells and whistles in the world, but, if it is located in a secluded or the location is too much of a hassle for you, then there is a huge chance that you will not be motivated to go. So you should see to it that the gym is either close to your house, or your workplace. 

  • Check out the gym hours

The criteria are often being overlooked by a lot of gym-goers because they assume that most of the gyms are open all hours of the day. So you should see to it that the gym is available during times and days that you will want to work out. 

  • Check out how much the gym membership is going to cost

West Hollywood gyms operate in different ways, however, you will usually be signing a contract and then pay a certain amount every month. So, the nicer the gym is, and the nicer the membership is, the more money you will be required to pay. However, there are still ways for you to see to it that you are going to get the most from your money.

1. Try to look for specials

Most gyms are offering monthly specials with no initiation fee, free personal training, or even a few free months. You should ask the gym’s salespeople if they have any specials that are available before you sign up.

2. You can try to negotiate

In a number of gyms, their membership features are negotiable. So, there really is no harm in asking them if they can waive your initiation fee, or change the contract terms, or even try to ask about lower monthly payments. 

3. Try to do your research

There are a lot of people who choose to take the first offer, instead of shopping around first to other nearby gyms. When you go make the rounds to every gym in the area will give you an idea of what people are charging and what type of specials they are offering. This will put you in a position to negotiate in an even better deal. 

4.Try to read the fine print first

You should check if there might be any penalty if you choose to get out of your contract early, or if there is an option to put your membership on hold if you get injured, sick, or if you will be away for a long trip. Thus, it is essential that you should read the fine print first so you will know how you can get out of your membership before signing up. 

  • Check out the gym features

When checking out potential gyms, you should see to it if the gym has everything that you want to participate in like racquetball, tennis courts, pools, fitness classes, specific machines or equipment, personal training, or physical therapy. You should also consider if your family will be joining you because if they are, you should see to it that you find the right gym that will also fit your family’s need.

  • Check out the gym’s atmosphere

Although normally you may not want to be in a jam-packed gym, having people around can also add energy to your workout. You should also pay attention to how the gym feels. You should try to tour the gym first so that you can see what your experience will be first hand. 

  • Check out the gym’s environment

When you enter the gym, it should be clean and spacious. So if the gym is a dump, then you may not be too thrilled to go and work out there. You can also check out if they have TVs, or if they have plenty of cardio machines so that you can avoid being bored. The bathrooms should also be clean and well-stocked because these little things, if these may not be available then doing a workout, might be more burdensome for you than it already is. 

  • Check out if the gym has available childcare

This is important especially when you have toddlers. There are gyms that have childcare facilities nearby and are operating within certain hours. So, you should also see to it that you are comfortable with leaving your kids before you commit.

  • Check out if the gym has adequate parking space

This is essential especially during rush hours which usually happens after work. You should also make sure that you will not have to spend hours just looking for a place to park. 

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