Things to Consider Becoming an Expert Magento Developer

Updated on May 6, 2021

There are a lot of developer platforms, but not all of them are universal, and not all are suitable for creating a really high-quality online store. Currently Magento is considered the leader among platforms. Interest in the platform is growing every year, as is the demand for specialists. In particular, Elogic’s Magento developers are ready to tackle truly unique and challenging tasks. And if you want to become one, you need to pay attention to a number of key areas and knowledge that will be needed for successful implementation in this area.

Learn the Magento Thoroughly

The basis of any undertaking is familiarity with the capabilities and features of the platform. It is not enough just to understand the principles of implementation of specific functions; you need to be able to find non-standard solutions to difficult-to-implement issues. First you need:

  1. Learn the main principles of the Magento platform. To help you with all kinds of training materials, seminars and webinars from existing developers. Magento development company — Elogic can help with the introduction question, provide guides to make it easier to explore the site.
  2. Keep for updates. It is vital to be aware of the updates already implemented and planned. Successful development is largely determined by professional skills and the ability to introduce new products into practice.
  3. Learn the basics of optimization, the tools Magento provides for developers.

Acquire Magento Certificates 

First of all, customers are interested in confirming the competence of the contractor. Living proof of your skills and professional suitability is a certificate from a licensed agency. The presence of documentary evidence will improve interaction with the customer, position him to his candidacy and bring the order closer. The certificate is received by:

  • depending on the course mastered by the developer (advanced or basic, this matters, especially when calculating the cost of services);
  • specialists who have confirmed their skills;
  • people who managed to complete a series of exam tasks to confirm professional skills.

Customers are well aware that documentary evidence will not be received by a person who does not have sufficient knowledge and skills to work. Otherwise, the licensed Magento partner who issued the certificate could damage their reputation and lose the trust of their customers.

Acquire Peripheral Skills to Be a Competent Magento Developer in the Present Market

A specialist who is able to perform tasks in only one direction is less in demand in practice than one who has advanced skills. For example, in addition to programming, a competent developer must understand and be able to implement:

  • marketing tools (integrate search chat bots, set up mailing lists, etc.);
  • be able to optimize content (correct image format, correct display of pages in SERP, etc.);
  • graphic design that can be used to improve the visual perception of the site;
  • knowledge of programming languages ​​and other skills.

Creative thinking is one of the important criteria considered by major employers.

Keep Your Skills Updated & Be an Active Member in Magento Developer Community

Knowledge without development is not the best choice for a person who wants to succeed in developing Magento. It is important to always learn and reach new heights, practice and get acquainted with new products. Active participation in communities helps:

  • get new experience and share it with other developers;
  • find out the best solutions to problems that can be encountered in the process of work;
  • learn about new products that have barely appeared on the market and much more.

Trends in the development of the E-Commerce sphere contribute to an increase in the number of people interested in development issues. Keeping abreast of new products and trends is the key to the correct development of the Magento developer.

Work With a Team of Magento Developers

Being part of a team of experienced professionals is to gain invaluable experience and significantly improve basic skills. With the support of more experienced professionals, you can significantly develop your own skills and abilities.

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