Thesis Nootropics: 2024 Review of Blend, Dosage, Price & More

Updated on May 7, 2024
Thesis Nootropics: 2024 Review of Blend, Dosage, Price & More

Can’t seem to find your focus? Companies like Thesis say they can help. Just like other brands online, this relative newcomer is making some bold claims about boosting cognitive functions. 

What’s the hype around Thesis nootropics? For starters, the company behind Thesis nootropics suggests it could transform you into a memory whiz and an expert in productivity and efficiency. 

But, let’s keep our feet on the ground and see if this product can truly deliver on its promise to unlock your full mental potential.

What Is Thesis Nootropics?

Thesis is all about giving customers the power to choose what Thesis nootropic blend works best for them. 

Unlike most products that stick to one solid formula, Thesis has a starter kit of four blends to choose from: Creativity, Clarity, Logic, and Energy. Each formula is crafted with unique ingredients to serve a specific purpose, whichever that purpose may be critical for you.

They’re claimed to function as essentially a supercharged version of nutrients for your neurons. Each blend is crafted to meet distinct mental demands. What they’re trying to say is, if you’re searching for a creative spark, Thesis has a mix just for that. 

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How Do Thesis Nootropics Work?

Thesis nootropics tap into the realm of neuroenhancement. It’s all about amplifying the signals between your brain cells, making them more adaptable, and ensuring your brain’s health is top-notch.

It zeroes in on crucial cognitive aspects: memory, attention, and inventiveness. With this sophisticated concoction, you’re not just feeding your brain; you’re setting the stage for it to perform at its absolute best.

Who Are Thesis Nootropics Best For?

You can say Thesis is among the top performing brain supplements for anyone eager to boost their brainpower, ramp up productivity, and tap into their latent intellectual prowess. The brand aims at the high-flyers of everyday living: the professionals, students, and entrepreneurs, i.e. people who want to stay on top of their game. 

For those driven to excel, Thesis is more than a supplement; it’s a strategic ally.

Who Should Avoid Thesis Nootropics?

Thesis is generally considered safe, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. If you’re expecting, nursing, dealing with health issues, or on medication, we recommend booking an appointment with your doctor first before taking any supplement.

Also, if you’re the type to get jittery with caffeine or other stimulants, proceed with caution. Thesis Nootropics could be potent, and it’s wise to tread lightly.

Thesis Nootropics Reviews on Reddit

Determined to find out what real users think of Thesis nootropics, we scoured everyone’s favorite source of first-hand experience: Reddit.

Here are what a few users have to say about taking Thesis nootropics for ADHD, how it compares to other nootropics in the market, and whether nootropics by Thesis may help keep you calm. We also included a few reviews that weren’t too happy with it to keep things balanced.

Nootropics by Thesis for ADHD After 6 Months

User ParsnipExtreme2502 shares that they’ve dabbled with Thesis for half a year, finding an uptick in performance and mood when taken regularly. “It’s like a brain boost,” they quip, noting even minor tasks become less intimidating. They crave a stronger push from the nootropics, though some days fall short. 

Combining Thesis with caffeinated green tea sharpens their results, without any withdrawal symptoms, allowing flexible usage. With a balanced mix of ‘Creativity’ and ‘Logic’ in their custom pack, they’re committing to daily doses, especially with a new job on the horizon.

User review of Thesis Nootropics by ParsnipExtreme2502  on Reddit

Nootropics Blends By Thesis Compared To Other Brands

RealTopTrader proclaims, “Thesis for the WIN!” after a decade-long journey with nootropics. They’ve invested thousands in various brands, finding NooFlow remarkable initially, but its effects waned. They even crafted their own stacks from Nootropics Depot. 

Yet, it’s Thesis’ pre-formulated packs that deliver consistent, impressive results. Currently, they’re exploring the Motivation, Energy, and Creativity packs, enjoying sustained benefits.

User review of Thesis Nootropics by RealTopTrader on Reddit

Nootropics Formulations From Thesis Help Keep You Calm

Crazy-Hamster4400 is nearing the end of their starter kit, having cycled through Motivation, Logic, Energy, and now Clarity. Despite battling panic disorder, GAD, OCD, and ADHD, they’ve felt significant improvements in concentration and energy, except with Clarity. For them, Logic reigns supreme, reducing anxiety and enhancing their ability to live in the moment.

User review of Thesis Nootropics by Crazy-Hamster4400 on Reddit

Thesis Nootropics May Be Too Potent

Empathic-researcher reports a week into Thesis has left them unusually nervous and moody. Contrary to their typically joyful disposition, they’ve found the supplements too intense, causing overwhelming energy that leads to anxiety and frustration. They’re curious if others have had similar experiences with Thesis’ potent effects.

User reviews of Thesis Nootropics by Empathic-researcher on Reddit

Thesis Nootropics May Not Work For Everyone

Beefnug reports a month on the Thesis regimen—Energy, Creativity, Clarity, and Logic—without a shift in mindset. They chose non-caffeinated options, suspecting caffeinated ones might’ve sparked some change. Yet, the brain fog, focus issues, and low energy persist. Beefnug’s take? Most nootropic benefits might be placebo, but if it works for you, great.

User Review of Non-Caffeinated Thesis Nootropics by Beefnug on Reddit

Thesis Nootropics Key Ingredients

Thesis concocts its blends with a variety of natural ingredients, each chosen for its cognitive benefits. 

Here’s a snapshot of what you might find inside:

  • Ashwagandha: This ancient herb, widely considered a powerful adaptogen, is a stress-buster that can also sharpen your focus. Because when you’re not stressed, you’re concentrating. [1]
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Dubbed the ‘smart mushroom’, it’s linked to better memory and brain function. [2]
  • L-Theanine: Found in green tea, this amino acid is all about calm concentration without the side effect of sleepiness. [3]
  • Ginkgo Biloba: It’s associated with memory support and overall cognitive health. [4]
  • Alpha GPC: It’s like a clarity kick for your mind, enhancing focus by upping acetylcholine in the brain. [5]
  • Citicoline: A cognitive enhancer that’s all about improving memory and focus. [6]
  • Theobromine: Think of it as a smooth energy lift, minus the caffeine shakes. [7]

Thesis Nootropics Dosage

The recommended dosage depends on the specific blend and your individual needs. Always follow the instructions on the bottle and consult a doctor if unsure.

Thesis Nootropics Pricing

Thesis offers various blends at different price points. Check their website for current pricing and bundle deals!

Where To Buy Thesis Nootropics

Thesis products are available on the official website–but be warned, supplies are limited. Use the link below to claim your exclusive discount and get the brain boost you need.

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Thesis Nootropics Blend Breakdown

Here’s a sneak peek at some of Thesis’ popular blends and their ingredients:

1. Thesis Creativity

Thesis Creativity

This is the exact blend you take for any task that needs you to think outside the box. What’s inside Thesis Creativity? 

  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom: An adaptogen (a herb that may reduce stress) and linked to better brain function.
  • Rhodiola Rosea: This herb helps combat fatigue and mental stress, promoting mental clarity and creativity.

Thesis Creativity could be the ace up your sleeve for those moments when you need a burst of inventiveness. It’s tailored for the thinkers, the dreamers, and anyone in need of a creative boost.

2. Thesis Motivation

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Trying to pick up where you left off, or simply want a surge of energy to get started? Thesis Motivation is all about keeping you driven and alert. 

  • Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha is among the most sought after adaptogens in the industry thanks to solid research backing its stress-fighting claims.
  • L-Tyrosine: This amino acid is a precursor to dopamine and norepinephrine, neurotransmitters that play a crucial role in motivation, focus, and alertness.

When the going gets tough, Thesis Motivation is there to ensure you stay on track, energized, and goal-oriented.

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3. Thesis Clarity

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Want to keep brain fog at bay? Try taking Thesis Clarity powered by Alpha-GPC and Bacopa Monnieri.

  • Alpha-GPC: This choline precursor helps support healthy brain function and memory.
  • Bacopa Monnieri: Bacopa Monnieri is a traditional herb for memory and learning.

Thesis Clarity works best for people who can’t quite put their finger on an idea they’ve been thinking about for a while. You can say the formula acts like a mental magnifying glass, helping you zoom in on the details and retain vast amounts of information.

4. Thesis Energy

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Packed with B Vitamins and Green Tea Extract, this blend is your fuel for long, demanding days.

  • B Vitamins: Why are B vitamins treated as top energy-boosting nootropic supplements? B Vitamins are essential for energy production. This lets the body produce energy more efficiently.
  • Green Tea Extract: A natural source of caffeine and antioxidants, green tea extract provides sustained energy without the crash associated with sugary drinks.

Who should take Thesis Energy? We think the formula is for users who have an upcoming all-nighter, but want to avoid anything too strong or they may not sleep well. It’s the exact blend you reach for when you need to sustain your focus and energy levels from dawn till dusk.

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5. Thesis Confidence

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Need a dose of mental bravery? Thesis Confidence has your back.

  • Sage: Sage is particularly beneficial in older adults thanks to its memory boosting effects.
  • Vitamin D: Also known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D plays a role in mood regulation and overall well-being, which can indirectly contribute to feelings of confidence.

Thesis Confidence is made not only to help sharpen your mind, but also nurture a positive outlook, empowering you to face challenges head-on.

6. Thesis Logic

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If you want to crunch serious numbers, try taking Thesis Logic. 

  • Citicoline: Supports memory function, learning, and cognitive processing.
  • Phosphatidylserine: Plays a vital role in cell membrane health and communication within the brain.

Whether you need to beat your friend at a game of chess or if you have an upcoming exam that involves numbers, Thesis Logic is your strategic partner in enhancing memory, processing speed, and overall cognitive capabilities. It’s ideal for the academically inclined or the data-driven professional.

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Why Thesis Nootropics

You can say the Thesis brand of top brain supplements is especially made for someone who requires a specific mental boost for a specific task, and not just an all-in-one formula. While the latter may be ideal for everyday tasks, what Thesis offers is being exceptionally effective at one task you need to get done right away.

It’s not just about being better; it’s about being your best self. Unlocking your potential and achieving your ambitions is what Thesis is all about.

On that note, here’s why Thesis stands out from the crowd:

Personalized Brain Boost

Thesis isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. They offer a variety of blends specifically formulated to target different cognitive needs. From Thesis Creativity to ignite your artistic spark to Thesis Logic for enhanced memory and information processing, there’s a Thesis blend to unlock your brain’s full potential in any area.

Natural Powerhouse

Thesis Nootropics are crafted with natural ingredients scientifically shown to enhance cognitive function. Think of them as safe and effective upgrades for your brain! From Lion’s mane mushroom to boost creativity to B vitamins for sustained energy, Thesis provides the building blocks your brain craves for peak performance.

Laser Focus & Sharper Memory

Say goodbye to procrastination and hello to laser focus! Thesis helps you filter out distractions and concentrate on the task at hand. Plus, with ingredients known to support memory function, you’ll be retaining information faster and more effectively.

Energy Without the Crash 

Ditch the jittery coffee highs and afternoon slumps! Thesis utilizes powerful yet gentle ingredients like green tea extract and L-theanine to provide sustained energy throughout the day, keeping you alert and focused without the dreaded crash.

Unlock Your Confidence

Thesis blends go beyond just cognitive benefits. Some formulations include ingredients like sage and vitamin D to support a healthy mood and enhance confidence. Feeling good fuels your drive and motivation, allowing you to tackle challenges with a positive mindset.

Convenience & Customization

Thesis Nootropics are delivered straight to your door in convenient individual packets, making it easy to incorporate them into your daily routine. Plus, with various blends available, you can choose the one that best aligns with your specific goals, whether you’re a student cramming for exams, a professional seeking an edge, or simply someone wanting to optimize your cognitive function.

The Essentials: Caffeine & L-Theanine

Caffeine with Theanine the dynamic duo in most Thesis blends, and considered the most popular nootropic combo in the market.

  • Caffeine: The world’s most popular stimulant, caffeine is known for giving you that much-needed natural energy boost, helping to combat fatigue and improve alertness.
  • L-Theanine: L-theanine is a compound found in your everyday tea and is the very reason why drinking tea can calm you down.

Here’s a fun fact: Caffeine and theanine are opposites in terms of effects, but both bring out the best in each other. Adding caffeine with theanine helps give you that calm, mental energy, and focus without the jitters, crash, or feeling sleepy. 

Thesis Nootropics Final Note

Thesis Nootropics is more than a supplement–it’s a pivotal shift for those seeking to elevate their mental game. Its formula is backed by science, and the results speak for themselves. For the ambitious, the driven, and the determined, Thesis Nootropics is the definitive choice.

Why settle for less when you can transform with Thesis Nootropics? Take the step, experience the change, and watch as you tap into the full extent of your cognitive capabilities!

Just remember to always consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement.

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