The Ultimate Reasons Why A Compelling Brand Essence Is Important For A Marketing Strategy

Updated on May 18, 2023

Nowadays, where people can easily find various companies and e-commerce with new products, brand essence is something that companies need to have.

This is because brand essence is one of the most important aspects in the world of branding which can help to give a company a unique and different impression from its competitors. In other words, brand essence is the core identity and character of a company and the products they sell.

What is Brand Essence?

Band essence is a phrase that is formed to indicate the main characteristics of the products made by the company. Generally, the marketing team will spend a lot of time developing the brand essence. A good brand essence must be able to highlight the unique benefits that the company provides to its target audience.

This is of course related to the big goal of most companies, to have a different identity from its competitors. In this modern era, companies must be able to differentiate their identity if they want to remain competitive in the market. Marketing products with the best price and quality is indeed effective in helping a brand stand out. However, market leaders need to also engage their audience’s emotions through personality-focused campaigns.

What Are The Characteristics of a Good Brand Essence?

Like a branding strategy, brand essence needs to have its own characteristics that will be useful for the company. The following are the must-have characteristics of a brand essence!

  • Unique: Brand essence helps brands to create their own identity in the market so that the company’s products can be seen as unique.
  • Intangible: Brand essence is not a tangible property like price and product features. This aspect of branding should comprise the company’s unwritten values ​​and goals.
  • Customer defined: Brand essence is something that is determined by the customer. The company’s job is only to lead the audience to have that view.
  • Meaningful and emotional: Brand essence represents every company offering, value proposition, as well as its principles and identity. Therefore, they must have a high emotional value.

What Are the Benefits of Brand Essence for Companies?

Brand essence is the key for companies to have a unique and different impression. However, that’s not the only benefit of brand essence. Here are the other impactful benefits that you can get by having a well-defined brand essence!

  1. Facilitate marketing

Having a brand essence will indirectly facilitate the company’s marketing performance. This is because when brands understand the company’s values ​​and goals, they can develop stronger advertising campaign strategies and brand awareness. In other words, brand essence allows companies to tap into audience emotions in their marketing efforts.

  1. Get the audience’s emotions

The development of time and technology has made the audience more intelligent and demanding. This shows that marketing strategies that are full of gimmicks and price cuts are less effective nowadays. Therefore, companies must now find new methods to build bonds with their customers.

Cultivating brand essence is a great strategy that can inspire audiences to fall in love with the company’s products. When a company can form a stronger brand essence, the audience will resonate better with the company’s products.

  1. Maintain consistency

The next benefit that brand essence offers to companies is consistency. In the competitive world of business, it is difficult to stay aware of trends and maintain a consistent identity at the same time. However, when companies understand their values ​​and goals, it will be much easier for shareholders to make cohesive decisions for the business. Whenever a company feels unsure about a marketing plan, its marketing team can look to brand essence as a strategic compass. 

To conclude, creating a well-thought brand essence is a surefire strategy that can develop awareness through the emotions of customers. If companies can apply it to their core business, it will be easier for companies to attract customers and boost their sales as a result. Thus brand essence is definitely one of the most important marketing strategies for companies.

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