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The Truth on Plant Stem Cells in Hair Care

Always on the lookout for the next award-winning ingredient with superhuman regenerative powers, the cosmetic industry is an increasingly competitive sector. Many people have heard or read about the revitalizing aspects of stem cell research in health and medicine. Only more recently has the news been released on the benefits that they can have on our beauty regime too. 

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Ranges of products including stem cell shampoo and serums are being designed to help boost healthy hair and skin. But what is the science behind these new methods and can they really do what they say on the tin?

What Are Stem Cells?

In the skin, stem cells are a source of continuous regeneration of the epidermis. In the hair, they form new hair and pigments. Whereas, in plants, stem cells are not activated only to repair, but also to aid general development. 

A stem cell is a generic cell that can duplicate itself indefinitely. It does not have a function of its own except that of duplication. That means it can make exact copies of itself without end that can then be used for different means. Within a human body, our stem cells replicate and go on to transform into cells to help certain tissues. If you break a bone, stem cells will produce the necessary bone cells to regenerate that specific bone. 

The type of stem cell that is used today in many cosmetic products on the market is a plant stem cell extract, not a reproduced human stem cell. These extracts are manufactured using cell culture technologies. As such, these stem cell extracts are more commonly known by the names of chemicals produced by cultures in laboratories. It is not the stem cells themselves that are put into cosmetic products, but these extracts with certain chemicals. 

Advantages of Stem Cells in Hair Care Products

Although stem cells have been used in skincare products for some time, recent developments have allowed the process to be employed in hair care too. 

Using the regenerative powers of stem cells, hair care can take extracts from plants and create the key ingredients to repair damage and restore healthy hair. They do this in diverse ways.

Different plants supply different benefits due to their natural characteristics in the wild. This means that some may provide the possibility to improve protection from environmental damage and others will help to regulate protein production. While some stem cell extracts will be able to harness the power of retaining moisture, other plants will offer a high cell turnover to stimulate new hair growth. Some of the most frequently used plants include apples, specifically from Switzerland, lilacs, edelweiss, grapes, and roses. 

The extracts used in stem cell hair care products offer a range of benefits. Many have proven to be effective in caring not only for the hair strands but also the scalp. 

Products made with plant stem cells can delay tissue atrophy, thus slowing down the aging of the hair and increasing the lifespan of hair follicles. This means it can be used in treatment for hair thinning and to improve certain cases of hair loss. These products help to produce stronger, healthier hair by creating the best environment for hydration, cell production, and nutrient absorption. 

These plant extracts are often rich in antioxidants too. This means that they help the skin on the scalp and the hair follicles to fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress that disrupts normal functioning. Antioxidants in your shampoo and other hair cosmetics will help to minimize the negative effects of pollution and sun exposure. 

Proteins, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and lipids combined together with stem cell extracts can prevent breakage in hair strands and restore healthy hair follicles. As products with these properties are becoming more widely available, they are fast becoming the favorites of many who swear by their results. 

Our hair is constantly exposed to different external and internal toxins including free radicals, pollution, UV rays, and heat. In order to combat the negative effects of these destructive elements, plant stem cells in our hair care encourage rapid repair and growth of new cells. These plant cell extracts stimulate the production of necessary compounds that help to ensure healthy hair development. 

Stem cells in hair care products do not claim to magically reverse baldness but they have proven to aid in many problematic areas. Stem cell technology is a rapidly evolving field within science and offers massive benefits to many other sectors including health and cosmetics. Not only using the produced plants and fruits in the products, but the actual cell extracts are a game-changer for the cosmetic industry. 

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