The Top Reasons for the Rapid Growth of Online Casinos During the Pandemic

Updated on January 21, 2022

We can’t let the rapid growth in the popularity of online casinos worldwide go unnoticed. Numerous surveys have shown an increasing number of new gamblers from every corner of the earth. This tremendous rise undoubtedly occurred parallel to the unexpected rigorous lockdowns people faced due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak and the unfortunate global pandemic.

Let’s consider that people had to create alternative ways to complete their daily tasks from home. It is no surprise that the rise in online gambling took place, given the conveniences and accessibility of online casinos nowadays. Not only did playing casino games grow in popularity, but people also started betting on their favorite sports more frequently, checking the latest NFL odds to secure their winnings.

However, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t the only reason online casinos had such fast growth in usage. These online platforms offer a couple of other benefits and conveniences, which further explains the love for online gambling during the pandemic. Let’s check them out.  

List of the three top reasons for the steady increase in popularity of online casinos  

Once you go through the following list with the essential benefits of gambling at online casinos, you’ll have a much clearer view of why their rapid expansion in popularity took place.   

  1. Safe, secure, and fast financial transactions 

With the emergence of e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and more, online casinos offer users fast, safe, and secure financial transactions. These e-wallets have revolutionized how online casinos can offer convenience to their customers. Namely, if you try to deposit at an online casino through your conventional bank, you’ll see it’s quite impossible. E-wallets are the only way to do so.   

  1. Licenses and encryption methods

If you want a safe and secure gamble, ensure that your online casino has a license. A license in place proves that the casino you choose can offer only fair play and that it has met all the proposed standards of what makes a casino trustworthy and reputable. You should find the license on the casino’s website in PDF. If you have trouble finding it, maybe the casino lacks it.

Additionally, another way that online casinos use to offer only the most secure and personalized gambling experience to all gamblers is through encryption methods. SSL encryption (short for Secure Socket Layer) and end-to-end encryption are your best friends when it comes to online gambling. These methods translate all your info into codes, which no third party (hacker) can break.  

  1. A huge game selection and welcome bonuses

Most casino games can offer you everything from the most traditional slots where you can win lucrative jackpots, reel spinning, baccarat, poker, blackjack, and roulette, to the most interesting themed-casino games where you have to pass levels and missions. In other words, any gambling game you can think of will probably be up for grabs at your online casino.

More importantly, each reputable online casino will offer you significantly large welcome and no-deposit bonuses you should always claim. These bonuses allow you to play for free (as the name suggests, there are no deposits), which is excellent for all the gambling newbies out there who are trying out casino games for the first time. 

Closing remarks  

Well, there you have it. Online casinos provide all users with safe and secure deposits/withdrawals that work quickly. On top of that, depositing cash at online casinos has never been more secure, given all the security protocols and layers such as end-to-end encryption. Moreover, once you find an online casino with a license, you needn’t worry about its reputation. And finally, any casino game you can think of, chances are, you’ll find it at your online casino. Maybe all these benefits will give you an impetus to try out online gambling if you haven’t tried it so far.  

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