The Top Benefits of Using a Medical Placement Agency for Your Staffing Needs

Updated on August 4, 2023

Medical staffing agencies are becoming increasingly popular with healthcare professionals as they offer many opportunities for job placement and flexible schedules. This allows healthcare workers to have a better work-life balance.

Staffing agencies can provide hospitals with short-term staff members during surges or emergencies. They also can help with the hiring process, which saves hospital facilities time and money.

They Have a Wide Network

Medical staffing agencies have a wide network of healthcare professionals. This allows them to find a position that fits a candidate’s skills and experience perfectly. Staffing agencies can save facilities a lot of time by allowing them to skip the interview process. This means that a facility can focus on getting the job done instead of sifting through resumes and interviewing candidates who need to be qualified for the role. A medical recruitment agency can also help healthcare workers find a work schedule that suits their lifestyles. For example, an agency can help them find a PRN schedule or a contract-to-hire position. These schedules appeal to healthcare professionals as they allow them to have a better lifework balance.

They Are More Reliable

With a medical placement agency, you can access nurses and therapists who may need help finding standard job boards. An agency has vetted these candidates, so they can provide you with important details about their work history that you wouldn’t get by just reading resumes. A good medical staffing agency will have long-standing relationships with hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They often have open positions that aren’t available to the public, so working with them gives you first dibs on job opportunities.

Additionally, they know how to find a temporary job for nurses that fit their career goals and lifestyle. This helps reduce turnover in your staff, which is a huge benefit for you. It also saves you time because you can spend less time weeding out candidates that need to be a fit for your facility.

They Have a Better Selection of Candidates

Agencies have a nationwide roster of nurses, therapists and pharmacists. These candidates are used to working with staffing agencies and are more likely to be open to opportunities at your facility. This makes it easier for an agency to find suitable candidates. It also means that you will spend less time training new employees. Healthcare staffing agencies are a great solution when you need extra support for your clinical teams. They are especially useful during seasonal surges in utilization or when too many of your regular staff get sick at the same time. They can provide you with fully screened, qualified healthcare professionals who will arrive ready to work and familiar with your facility’s policies and procedures. They are a cost-effective way to ensure you have the resources you need for patient care.

They Are More Flexible

Agencies can provide healthcare professionals with more flexible options for finding the right fit for their skills and needs. This is because of their wide network. Staffing agencies also update applicants on their status so they never have to wait for a decision. This is especially beneficial for nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals who must find work that fits their schedules. For example, some are part-time students and need certain days off to attend class. Others are parents who need nights off to be with their kids. When staffing agencies help with hiring, it saves the healthcare facility time and money because they do the advertising, screening, interviews, and verification of credentials. This allows them to get fully licensed and qualified candidates much faster than they could.

They Are More Cost-Effective

Staffing agencies provide a more cost-effective solution than hiring on your own. They offer various benefits such as insurance, holiday and vacation pay, sick pay, access to discounted immunizations, and other VIP customer care.

Staffing firms also charge a fee for their services, but it’s a small price to pay to save time and money on the search for quality employees. Staffing agencies specialize in healthcare recruitment and are adept at finding the most qualified candidates for a facility’s open positions. For healthcare professionals who are searching for a life-work balance, these agencies can find jobs with flexible schedules that fit around family obligations, part-time student schedules or personal commitments. This can greatly reduce the stress of looking for work and increase productivity in your workplace.

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