The tips from Madonna on how to regain your native superpower

Updated on February 5, 2021

Do you have super abilities? If your answer is “No”, you are wrong because you have a least one from your birth. You can influence the prosperity of our planet, you can influence individual people and nations. How? With the help of Madonna, you can learn precious knowledge and go through this road.

We are living in wonderful but very difficult times. Speeds of sound, pressure at work, standards of living that everybody wants to achieve. All this is taking away our energy. For the women, it is tremendously important to refill their energy, but we do it very rarely. Even now, when it is some kind of trend to spend time on ourselves, we do not do it enough.

Actually, we have forgotten about our power and natural energy. Where is it and how to regain it?

The men of action

Men were meant to be aimed to act and solve problems. They are always more focused on the material world. However, their desire for action can be creative or destructive. If a man experiences a lack of energy, he may fall into the depth of drugs, alcohol and other bad habits to escape the reality. For the creative changes to happen, a man needs to be full of pure positive energy. Actually, here comes…a woman. Why a woman? Because women have a wonderful and even magical feature.

The women – the keepers of Energy

Generally, a woman is aimed at helping others. If she is healthy, happy and full of energy, this aim is irresistible and unconscious. She naturally fills others with her energy. She helps her children, parents, partners, everybody who is around, and who needs her help. If a woman feels not well, exhausted, depressed, overwhelmed with fears, it means that she has a lack of energy and her natural abilities are very slight or unconsciously forgotten.

The woman who gives much energy becomes the center of the universe. She is needed, offered profitable job positions, people look at her as if she is Sun.

Women have unlimited possibilities of developing their super abilities. Madonna, the Enlightened woman, came here with the special mission of helping women all around the world to become happy and fulfill their natural predestination. Madonna holds seminars, individual sessions, group classes where women can find their real selves. They regain so much power that they are ready to share it with their loved ones and everybody around. You can find an amazing effect right now even on Madonna’s YouTube channel.

Divine energy that heals everybody

Have you ever felt the burst of energy, good mood and sincere warmth after the unexpectable kind word, embrace or a glance of support? Perhaps it even inspired you for something good and big? Just realize that every person on this Earth can get such a portion of kindness and inspiration that can make our world better. With the wise support of Madonna, this is more than possible. Madonna generously shares the ancient knowledge of native power with women all over the world. She conducts group sessions where her students bring photos of their relatives, friends and partners who need help. Madonna teaches to heal with the power of the common prayer, she teaches how to raise and accumulate so much positive energy inside that it will help everyone around. The secret is that any relatives of Madonna’s students and all the people they get in touch with receive the magical energy and the real miracles are starting to happen. The illnesses go away, the relationships reborn, the new jobs are waiting for those who were looking for them for ages. The key is the divine energy that starts to flow after the events of Madonna. If a woman is Open to the changes; Ready to get rid of the emotional and routine garbage of destroying emotions that she is caring inside; Eager to recall her real predestination and mission, then the energy starts to flow inside of her very soon. And through her, the people around will become happy and healthy. This is how the main cosmic law works. Start now – just visit site to check the schedule of Madonna’s events or to apply for the individual session, and remarkable changes in your life will be waiting for you!

Recharge your batteries right now to become the real Woman of Power

The practice mentioned below is for those women who feel so much exhausted and depressed that they cannot wait for the results of the seminars and sessions of Madonna. Remember that this is just emergency help, so most probably the effect will not last for long but you will feel the way you actually should feel in your life, and maybe this will inspire you to come to Madonna’s classes. Madonna generously shares with us her “Emergency Battery Charging” practice. This practice is very effective and provides you with an unlimited flow of pure energy. It’s just like to be plugged in. These simple steps are preferably to make all alone in order to concentrate:

1. Stand up straight with your feet a bit wider than your shoulder width.

2. Put your warm palms on the bottom of your abdomen with your right palm covering your left palm. Probably you may want to close your eyes and imagine yourself walking in the tunnel.

3. Start swinging your hips from the left to the right side as like trying to occupy more space in the corridor. He corridor wider and wider. Breathe in through your nose. Breathe out through your mouth. Imagine a tunnel of your possibilities that is expanding into a wide road.

4. Put out your hands to the sides, rotating your wrists and imagine pearl necklaces – a symbol of well-being – on your wrists. At the same time rotate your hips clockwise wider and wider. Start feeling the energy gathering from the outside at the bottom of your abdomen.

5. Place your palms on the bottom of your abdomen with your left palm covering your right palm. Now you can start drawing the sign of infinity with your hips. Feel now that you learn to manage your powerful energy and share it with the people you would like to support. Keep thinking of them positively.

6. Stop. Count your breaths, listen to your heart. Feel the flows of the renewed energy inside of your body. 

The cosmic law is always in motion. Keep in mind that the future and prosperity of your family and the whole planet depends on you. You are the woman who is capable to change the world.

Make this change!

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