The Teacher in Us

Updated on November 15, 2022
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WhenI am driving in the greater Nashville area and someone gets right up on my bumper, the teacher in me comes out…I don’t slam on my breaks, I don’t flip them off, I simply slow down…by the way, slowing down is very hard for me…but I want them to learn something. Do they? I’m never sure. 

I never wanted to be a teacher, I went to college to be a music teacher, I got a degree so that I could be a teacher and it’s kind of funny that I used to think that way because I loved so many of my teachers. 

But, the truth is, I am a teacher…and I believe that sharing your knowledge and wisdom about your passion is a creative way to teach someone else. The greatest teachers that we remember throughout our lives are the ones who inspired us, inspired our creativity, got us excited, shared their wisdom, and told us the truth about ourselves and encouraged us to be our own unique, creative selves. 

This was my inspiration to start my company, Songwriter Girl, and also to create my online course, Spark Your Creativity. 

And when you’re teachable, you listen to others around you, what they have to say and think and you find ways to improve yourself. 

In what creative ways have you been teaching others lately? How do you encourage others in their creative endeavors, whether at work or in your life? 

The most important way to remain a creative teacher is to stay teachable. Get inspired, get excited, and keep learning as long as you are able. 

Here are a few of my ideas about how to stay teachable. I hope you will add to the list and share you thoughts with me. 

Keep an open mind

Check your ego

Ask for feedback 

Be respectful 

Act on what you learn 

Embrace what you learn from others

And be thankful for those teachers in your life.

Hope you enjoyed this article, I would love to hear from you. 

Whatever you do, stay inspired!

Nashville-based hit songwriter Kirsti Manna’s 6-week #1 Billboard chart smash hit Austin” introduced Blake Shelton (NBCs The Voice”) to country radio. She is a creativity expert, keynote speaker/performer and publisher. The go-to person for inspirational information, her mantra Whatever You Do, Stay Inspired” empowers creatives everywhere to find their voice. 

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