The Skills You Need for a Role in Healthcare

Updated on January 6, 2023

Healthcare is a sector needed and used by everyone, but not everyone can do a healthcare provider’s job. There are unique skills that someone should possess if they are to be successful in this industry, many of which are non-negotiable.

Whether you are thinking about going into healthcare or you already know it is your dream career route and want to learn more, there are some qualities you should have in your toolbelt before moving forward. This piece will look at the skills you need for a role in healthcare, so let’s get into it. 

Communication Skills

Being able to communicate effectively and thoroughly is deemed an important skill for all areas of work. However, effective communication skills in healthcare can be the difference between literal life and death. There is little room for error in healthcare, and having to skill to voice your opinions and direction coherently and precisely is a skill that cannot be put into the background.

Many programs, such as an online MHA will teach you the core concepts of efficient communication, so you can move forward in your career, harboring those skills for when you need them. 


Empathy is a crucial skill for many roles, but you are dealing with vulnerable, frustrated, and worried people in healthcare. Understanding how a patient (or your work colleagues) feel is essential to providing excellent healthcare, no matter what your role is. 

Empathy for yourself will also play a big role in how you treat yourself, especially during those more difficult days at work. This will contribute to your stress management skills, which are also vital for a role that can be extremely challenging. 

Stress Management

It is no secret that working in healthcare is not the most relaxing of careers. Not only are you working with vulnerable people, but you are also accountable for their care. This is a big responsibility to take on, and can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if you have a lot on your plate or you are having a particularly challenging day.

Being able to manage your stress is not only critical to your patient’s health, but it is absolutely vital for yours too. You cannot pour from an empty cup, and stress can help encourage mistakes, for which there is no room in healthcare. 

Organization and Time Management 

Being organized and managing your time effectively are skills that cannot be scrimped on, especially in a role where you often work under pressure. Many elements of healthcare require precision, and being disorganized, late, or putting yourself in a position of burnout is not good for you, your patients, or your colleagues.

Having this skill can help you keep an even keel and keep you on top of your workload. 

Working in healthcare requires a large range of skills, and not just the technical job-specific ones. These are some of the most important transferable skills that will help, not only in your career, but throughout your life as well.

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