The path of becoming data engineer

Updated on April 28, 2021

Neural networks and machine learning have already shown the world how effective they can be in almost any field. However, modern algorithms by themselves cannot show outstanding results if they are not trained on a large amount of high-quality data. It turns out that the very process of collecting and preparing data, which is called Data Engineering, is no less important than building models. Data Engineers are in demand in all areas of business, for example, in the banking sector, which has thousands of information stores with data related to customers, transactions and other financial transactions. How to become a data engineer is below.

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What is a data engineer?

What do data engineers ultimately do and what is a data engineer? The Data Engineer acts as an important link between all members of the data team, from developers to business consumers of reporting. But above all, Data Engineer works closely with Data Analyst, Data Scientist and Product Manager. Typically, a Data Engineer is responsible for:

  • extracting data from different sources;
  • analysis and structuring of data, formation of databases;
  • development of analytical panels;
  • conducting A / B testing;
  • creating data marts for using their Data Analyst and Data Scientist;
  • work with cloud platforms.

How Data Scientist Differs From Data Engineer

Specialists have different goals. Gets data useful for business from streams of information. He is engaged in preparing data for Data Scientist in such a way as to solve the set business problems. It forms a pipeline of data, implements the necessary systems and sources, gives users the tools to work with data.

Data Engineer Requirements

With the advent of Big Data, the Data Engineer’s area of ​​responsibility has significantly expanded. If earlier it was enough for him to know the specifics of Informatica ETL, Pentaho ETL, Talend and SQL, today the requirements for the applicant are much higher.

The requirements for a Junior Data Engineer should include:

  • good knowledge of Python or R;
  • experience in commercial development in Java / Scala (preferably 1 year or more);
  • understanding the principles of NoSQL databases and distributed processing systems;
  • confident knowledge of Linux operating systems;
  • excellent algorithmic training;
  • knowledge of trends in IT and Big Data.

More details are here data science roles – data analyst vs data scientist vs data engineer.

Data engineer responsibilities

The data engineer creates and maintains databases, important to store data. What skills do the representatives of this profession need in the first place? Is the list different from what is required of data scientists? 

Today, the work that data engineers perform is of great importance to organizations – these people are responsible for storing information and putting it in such a form so that other employees can work with it. Data engineers from multiple sources creates the way to streamline the data. Then the pipelines perform extraction, transformation and loading operations (in other words, ETL processes), making the data more suitable for further use. Than the data is handed over to analysts and data scientists in order to make deeper processing. As a result are created machine learning models. 

Data engineer salary for 2021

In international practice, the starting salary is usually $ 100,000 per year and increases significantly with experience. In our country, you can expect to receive from $ 800 at the start  according to the information by

How can springboard help you become a data engineer?

Starting to work on any project, a Data Engineer must understand the essence of the data with which he will work in order to understand what exactly an analyst needs to build an effective model.For this he needs high quality theoretical basics.

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What else should be known?

A Data Engineer is a team player and in large companies, such a specialist works side by side with analysts and data scientists.

Where to look for a job as a data engineer?

Theory is theory, but nobody canceled practice. Best of all, the training goes on solving real problems. There are special courses.

Where to study?

Nowadays there are a lot of options, aimed to provide the whole volume of knowledge, needed for the profession.

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