The latest technological trends transforming healthcare

Updated on April 29, 2021

Healthcare has always benefited from changes and revolutions in technology. For instance, IT support solutions has helped bring about meaningful use of IT systems. Similarly, the rapid growth of digital technology solutions has transformed how health services are being provided in recent years. With innovative ways to provide treatments and monitor patients’ wellbeing, healthcare is set to change dramatically in the future. Read on to discover some of the latest trends on the horizon.

The rise of telemedicine

The global pandemic of 2020 might have accelerated a trend that was already lurking in the wings – the growing use of telemedicine to provide consultations and even treatments. Most telemedicine has a basic requirement of a fast and secure Internet connection, that allows clear video and audio transfer between the patient and the healthcare provider. With this, the provider can provide a typical consultation with greater accessibility, allowing both parties to access the service remotely. Add the growth of AI technology and the use of VR headsets into the mix, and you could be looking at an entirely novel way to provide patient care in the near future.

With social distancing measures and other protocols to maintain public health, remote medical appointments have been an invaluable way for both patients and care providers to monitor and provide support more flexibly. If you’re looking for dentists in Birmingham AL for instance, and cannot easily travel for an in-person consultation to find the right dentist for you, a virtual appointment can be an ideal way to make an initial assessment.

3-D printing and personalization

3-D print technology has grown in leaps and bounds since it first emerged, and it has now moved far beyond the clumsy initial attempts to print simple shapes and tools. The ease of which 3-D printing can be customized means it can potentially be used to print bespoke individual items quickly, with minimal outlay, making it an ideal tool for the healthcare industry. From personalized prosthetics tailored to meet custom-fit requirements for each individual, to 3-D printed skin grafts, tissue, and potentially even entire organs, this technology may change the way we look at current challenges in treatment forever.

Increasing efficiency and productivity

As well as changing how healthcare may be provided on the frontline, technology trends are also changing how the healthcare industry operates behind the scenes. Improved software and new digital tools can improve how patient information is stored and shared, as well as streamline communication between patients and their doctors. 

The use of improved technology can also reduce the amount of time needed to be spent on administrative tasks, as well as making treatment sessions more efficient, helping to reduce costs overall. 

Health technology continues to change and develop every day, and potential new solutions are on the horizon. Though some of these innovations may yet be in their earliest stages right now, the future looks promising, offering patients the chance to enjoy an improved quality of life for themselves, and giving healthcare professionals the opportunity to take their skills to exciting new levels.

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