The Latest in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery 2021 – Definitive Guide

Updated on February 25, 2021

In the past decade, there have been a lot of amazing technological advancements. With the rise of popularity in cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, new technologies and trends have revolutionized the field globally. A lot of surgeries have become a lot less risky and offer better results. Thus, what does plastic surgery have in-stored for 2021?

As the technology continues to progress, patient scan expect maximum results. In the past, patients were rather unsure of whether they would like to go through a certain surgery or not. In today’s world of plastic surgery, the risks are minimized and the results are maximized. With that said, it still depends on the plastic/cosmetic surgery you want.

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There are many different surgeries you can check out

Predictions for 2021

This year promises to be a very unique year, considering the COVID-19 crisis. As many people are working from home, they are able to have plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures done, and go through recovery without actually having to take time off work that much. They can recover privately, and this is a great opportunity for many patients who were unsure of whether to go through surgery.

With so much time that people spend on video calls, the surgeries focused on face aesthetics have become a lot more popular; for example, enhancements and rejuvenation to the face, neck and eyes will definitely be the leading procedures in 2021.  Liposuction is another surgery that is likely to become popular, as people cannot be as active as they were out of quarantine. 

Improvements on liposuction and skin tightening

With traditional liposuction, the excess fat will be removed from under the skin. But, with the VASER liposuction, the procedure will depend on ultrasound technology with vibrations that will disrupt the bonds between the fat cells, and thus loosen them from the deep tissues. The difference between the traditional and VASER liposuction is the fact that VASER is a lot more controlled and gentle. 

What about skin tightening? Well, there is now a procedure called J-plasma and is an effective way to tighten your skin in different areas of your body, without the need to remove or cut any of the excess skin. The technology is rather revolutionary in rejuvenating your face, neck, and many other parts of your body without causing pain or the need for a long recovery process!

Plastic surgery is usually a personal choice, but it can be a medical if it is necessary after surgery. Whatever your case might be, the technology has been improving, and 2021 holds a lot of great technological improvements to give better results!

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Liposuction will surely become more popular

Final word

There are many predictions for plastic and cosmetic surgery in 2021, including the fact that men are bound to be more open to plastic surgery than they were in the past. Body contouring and liposuction are bound to become a lot more popular during quarantine, as well! Just keep in mind that a proper consultation is still very important. 

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