The importance of water and how to ensure it is safe for consumption

Updated on July 28, 2020

The human body requires lots of water as it greatly benefits from the consumption of water.  It is essential to ensure that the water you consume is safe for use. It would be best if you found out more about how to make water safe. You should always ensure you are hydrated at all times to gain the following benefits;


The saliva in the mouth contains water. The saliva has enzymes that enable the digestion of food to take place in the mouth.

Removal of waste

Water significantly helps in the excretion of wastes in the body. It helps in the secretion of sweat and urine. Water flushes out waste in the kidneys and liver.  The water also helps soften the stool preventing constipation.

Water dissolves soluble fiber; hence the fiber is dissolved in the body quickly. The fiber helps the bowel make well-formed and soft stool that is easy to excrete. If you suffer from constipation, it is vital to take lots of water to help your body excrete efficiently.  

Hydrating the body

The body loses lots of water, especially if you involve yourself in various vigorous activities. The body should be hydrated always so as it can perform optimally. Dehydration can cause complications in the body, such as seizures.

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Regulates body temperature

 Water regulates body temperature, which is vital so that essential processes can occur. Enzymes and hormones work optimally in certain temperatures. Water ensures the temperature is optimal by helping the body not to heat up.

Protects spinal cord, tissues, and joints

Water serves as a lubricant of the joints, tissues, and the spinal cord. Water keeps the sensitive areas of the body remain hydrated at all times.

Maximizes physical performance

Water helps the body to perform better as the water hydrates the body and keeps it fresh. Drinking water activates metabolism leading to an increase in levels of energy. With the rise in the levels of energy, physical performance is maximized.

The advantages of water in the body are many, and without water, our bodies cannot function. The need for water is constant and permanent, so you should take all measures to ensure you have access to safe and clean water. There are various ways in which you can make the water you consume safe such as;

Use of water filters

Filtration of water is one of the effective ways of making water safe. Filtration of water involves the use of water pitcher filters. Before buying a water pitcher filter, you should find out more information about the filters. Most cleaners use activated carbon for filtration. The activated carbon can remove various materials such as metals, chemicals, and organic compounds that contaminate the water.

 As the water passes through the filter, the contaminants adhere to the carbon; hence you get clean and fresh water. Filtration does not get rid of all minerals; therefore, water from the filter is healthier than water from other methods such as boiling.

Filtration involves less use of energy; hence it is cheaper than other methods of making water safe. Replacement of the filters is necessary as they become less effective in due time. The manufacturers of the filters give instructions on when the filters should be replaced.

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Boiling is the cheapest way to make water safe. It is useful in getting rid of the germs and bacteria that are not visible but harmful. It is a simple way of making water safe. You only need to boil the water and ensure it cooks for about 1-3 minutes. At higher altitudes, you need to make sure that you boil the water for more extended periods.

At higher altitudes, the boiling point is lower; hence, all the germs and bacteria may not be eliminated by boiling for only 1-3 minutes. Lots of people do not practice the boiling of water despite its simplicity.

Boiling of water kills all the minerals that the water has; hence the water is not as healthy as it should be. Boiled water is not appealing on a hot day as it cannot help cool your body. The above disadvantages of using boiling water make many people opt for other methods of making water safe.


Distillation is another method of purifying water that involves heating of water until it becomes vapor and cooling it to get the clean the water. Water has a lower boiling point than other contaminants; hence it vaporizes before the contaminates leaving them behind.

Distillation gets rid of contaminants such as bacteria, germs, and unwanted metals such as lead and mercury. It is an effective method, but it remains one of the costliest means of making water safe.

Distillation is only useful to you if you only need small quantities of water. It requires energy in the form of heat to work; hence, many people opt for more straightforward water purification methods.


Chlorine is effective in killing germs, and other contaminants in the water.  You can get chlorine tablets or chlorine liquids. The chlorine dissolves better in heated water. It would be best if you always take caution when using chlorine for purification.

After applying chlorine, you should wait for about thirty minutes before you consume the water. If you have a thyroid infection, you should consult a doctor before using the chlorine products. Pregnant women should avoid the water treated by chlorine.

There are many chlorine products that you can find, and they will help purify the water you are drinking. The products are cheap, and it is a cost-effective method of treating water. The only disadvantage of using chlorine as a purification method is that it does not eliminate solid particles.

Bottom Line 

Water is a basic need and it is essential to the body. There are many benefits that the body derives from the intake of water hence ensure you drink enough water to get all the benefits of water. Safe drinking water helps prevent different kinds of illnesses from germs, and other contaminants in the water. It is essential to get lots of information about purification methods and choose the best one.

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