The Importance of Regular DBS Checks for Long-Term Care Facilities

Updated on November 27, 2023

Those who find themselves in long-term care facilities are often particularly vulnerable individuals. As a result of their relatively isolated positions, a number of protections need to be put in place to ensure their ongoing well-being. 

Here, we explore the role that regular DBS checks play in these settings, starting with a quick look at what the checks actually consist of.

What are DBS checks?

DBS checks are the most common form of criminal background check that’s carried out in the UK. They’re conducted by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), a non-departmental government body, and there are three different kinds of checks, detailed below.

Basic check

The basic DBS check is the lowest level of check available. It looks for unspent criminal convictions, warnings and reprimands, and is often required by employers in the service and retail industries. As it’s not very in-depth, it’s generally not considered enough for long-term care facilities.

Standard check

The standard check is a level up from the basic, and looks for both spent and unspent convictions, warnings and reprimands. It’s often required for roles that include supervised contact with vulnerable individuals, and can be appropriate in certain care settings.

Enhanced check

The enhanced DBS check is the most in-depth check, looking for spent and unspent criminal convictions, warnings and reprimands, and anything else the police believe is relevant to the role in question. 

It can also be carried out with a barred list check, which will look to see if the individuals being checked are on any lists that would mean they can’t work in a particular care setting. This will typically be the kind of check used in long-term care roles, as it helps to create a safer environment for all those who need to spend within that space.

The importance of regular updates

It’s important to note that DBS checks only contain accurate information up to the date that they’re carried out. Any criminal acts that are carried out after that date obviously can’t be included; this means that it’s imperative that you carry out regular updates. 

You can arrange for these updates to be carried out via a dedicated service. In addition to providing a handy practical service, they’ll also be able to advise you on what kinds of checks you need to carry out to remain legally compliant, which can be incredibly important in certain industries. 

With standard and enhanced checks, they’re not just a useful optional extra to make your organisation safer – they’ll generally be a strict legal requirement, and failure to adhere to those regulations can result in serious legal penalties. 

Regular DBS checks are clearly important for those operating long-term care facilities. It’s important that you carry out the right kind of check, and that you have them regularly updated to ensure that the information they contain remains relevant. 

DBS checks are an important part of the recruitment process in all industries, and through working with specialist third-party providers, you can maximise their efficacy.

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