The Importance of Knowing Your COVID-19 Status

Updated on February 4, 2021

While the average person might think that going to a hospital or healthcare facility is exactly the place they should go to find out if they have COVID-19, healthcare-based businesses have a different expectation. Their objective is to know the COVID-19 status of each employees at all times, as well act quickly if that status changes. Being able to pinpoint and then isolate suspected cases of coronavirus can prevent healthcare centers from having disruptions, keeping operations going and continuing the uninterrupted treatment of deserving patients.

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From a Business Oriented Point of View

Business in general has changed post-coronavirus. A lot of systems have become fully remote and digitalized in an effort to reduce face-to-face-interactions. So, even for hospital patients, intake, COVID-19 screening, and insurance information verification may be done by phone or web instead of at the front desk as people are used to. Waiting areas have to be constantly sanitized and even maximum capacity numbers have been cut drastically. Anyone who enters a business today may be screened for symptoms of COVID-19, for both contact tracing and liability purposes. 

Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

Coronavirus is still being spread rapidly, even though major efforts have been made to prevent more people from becoming infected. Situations where people come in close contact make for easy transmission of the disease. So, healthcare-based businesses have to be especially prudent about on demand Covid testing. Being able to have staff tested for coronavirus and then receive rapid test results helps to keep costs down and the general public safer. In the event that someone has been exposed to coronavirus or is experiencing several of its symptoms, the only real answer is pursuing a COVID-19 test.

Treating Patients in Confidence 

People go to medical centers in order to be treated and get better. Patients trust that they are headed to facilities that take coronavirus seriously, and have taken adequate measures to minimize the risk of transmission of coronavirus. This is why so many protocols have changed, such as patient visiting hours and sanitation schedules. In addition to making use of PPE and having staff frequently wash their hands, healthcare facilities are now operating in confidence as they become more adept at fighting the spread of coronavirus. They can truly treat patients in confidence, knowing that they are not being exposed to COVID-19 as they come in for both routine and emergency healthcare-related purposes.  

Unfortunately, coronavirus has not yet been defeated. For some populations, it is the number  one health risk as you just can’t look at someone and tell if they have been infected. Individual responsibility as well as effort on the part of the healthcare industry is definitely a big help. Doctors and nurses are more likely to go into isolation sooner as they know what signs to look for. Healthcare workers are asking all of the right questions, successfully screening patients as they come in. Keeping people sufficiently socially distanced is also beneficial when it comes to keeping potentially infected individuals away from the general public. Knowing your COVID-19 status could save many more lives than you realize.

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