The Importance Of Healthy Sleep Habits

Updated on September 12, 2021

Did you know that if you go without sleep long enough, the results can be fatal? They found this out by keeping rats awake for extended periods of time. While the ultimate mortality of the rats involved didn’t specifically have to do with sleep, it was a lack of sleep that directly initiated terminal consequences in the rodents.

A lack of sleep may not be fatal per se; but unsafe driving, poor decisions, emotional issues, or losses in nutrition could have a serious impact on a person. Certainly, the more negative impacts of sleep deprivation take a long time to manifest. However, even in the short term, issues related to poor sleeping habits can be very impacting. (Learn more at Sleepify Sleep Statistics 2021.)

Following we’ll explore three very important benefits of sleep in terms of physical, emotional, and cognitive impacts overall. If you’re not sleeping well, you want to consider how this lack of rest subtly impacts your day-to-day life. There could be persistent issues at work or defining interpersonal relationships that just require a little more sleep every night to correct.

1. Balanced Rest Maintains Healthy Weight

There’s a strange thing to sleep balance. If you sleep too much, then lethargy defines your waking life. The result tends to be unhealthy weight gain. If you don’t sleep enough, your body starts packing on the calories to maintain the needs of your situation. What this means is, whether you sleep too much or too little, you’re going to gain weight.

What’s necessary is finding your balance. Some people sleep less than others, some sleep more. The average tends to be around eight hours. Men tend to sleep slightly less than women. As we age, our sleeping needs also diminish. For some people, six hours a day is more than sufficient. For others, nothing less than nine will do. Find your balance.
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2. Good Sleep Helps Keep You Emotionally Stable

Beyond weight gain, if you’re not sleeping enough brain fog contributes to emotional instability, which can cause you to lash out, or make poor choices. Sometimes not sleeping enough has nothing to do with your day-to-day “grind” at the office, or with family. Sometimes it has to do with your sleeping environment.

You may need to put on “white noise” like trance music, or the sound of waves coming into shore. Maybe you need to turn on a fan, put shades over windows that block out light, or enhance where you sleep by changing mattresses. At the following site, you can find the best memory foam mattress for your sleeping needs. Your present mattress could be the issue.

3. Sober Thinking Is Easier With Proper Rest

When you sleep well, your mind is clearer. Studies have shown that going without sleep for an extended period of time tends to work on the brain in a way that’s very similar to alcohol. After about eighteen hours awake, it’ll feel like you’ve had a shot—maybe two, depending. The longer you stay awake from that point, the worse the problem gets.

Skip a whole night’s sleep, and you’re going to be bumbling around like someone who got their money’s worth at happy hour. If you’ve ever seen someone gripped in the center of an insomnia incident, they may seem like a zombie. It’s easy to understand why: they’re having trouble focusing on normal things throughout the day. The brain needs rest.

If you run a computer too long without turning it off, especially if you’re not using a Solid State Drive (SSD), then the moving parts of the hard disk get too hot, and Random Access Memory (RAM) gets overtaxed. Soon the computer starts to run slowly. Your brain is more robust, but avoiding sleep has a similar effect on mental processing capability.

Enjoying The Benefits Of Proper Rest

When you sleep well, your weight will be easier to maintain. Also, you’ll be more stable emotionally. Lastly, you will have a greater level of clarity defining your thoughts; it’s the difference between floating around like you’ve had a few shots of alcohol and approaching something with ice-cold sobriety.

Sleeping well is certainly important. If you’re having issues, you should think about how they might be corrected. What you spend in mattresses or other rest-related accouterments will be earned back in mental clearness, productivity, and overall physical health. So if you’re having sleeping issues, address them!

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