The Importance Of Having A Healthcare Insurance in the US For Expats

Updated on December 21, 2021

Living as a foreigner or expat in the US requires lots of considerations, such as meeting your needs in terms of food, shelter, and other aspects. Additionally, it’s also essential to have access to the country’s medical and healthcare services. 

One of the healthcare services that most expats should take advantage of is medical insurance, particularly for international citizens. It offers great benefits for expats, especially since accidents and illnesses are unpredictable. It’s best to get this necessary access to be prepared during emergency situations in a foreign country.

Thus, if you’re getting citizenship in the US, you should be aware of the health care insurance in the country and its importance. 

What is an Expat Healthcare Insurance

If your application for citizenship is already processed, the next vital aspect to get is international health care insurance. It’s designed specifically for foreign workers, expats, and international citizens to provide support in covering medical bills and expenses. This is applicable if you get sick or get involved in an accident and need assistance. 

International healthcare insurance offers various plans that cover different health and medical needs such as illness, health complications, maternity, rehabilitation, and treatment for terminal diseases. Most of the time, you can use medical insurance to reduce your expenses, but it also offers lots of other benefits. 

Why Do You Need International Healthcare Insurance? 

When you decide to work or live in a foreign country, the adjustments you need to make can be overwhelming. You need to adapt to the country’s culture, language, beliefs, and weather. So, the probability of acquiring common illnesses or triggering pre-existing health conditions is high. And it’s the time when the importance of International healthcare insurance comes in.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to apply for healthcare insurance if you’re getting citizenship in the US:

1. Healthcare insurance is an investment.

“Health is wealth” is an old saying that you should remember if you’re getting citizenship in the US because getting sick in this country is costly. Usually, the medical services in the US are expensive, especially for expats and foreign citizens. So, as much as possible, you should also apply for healthcare insurance along with your citizenship application.

Your healthcare insurance will save you from spending your entire fortune to pay for the bills if anything happens to you in a foreign country. It might seem like you don’t need it because you don’t have current health issues, but it will come in handy. It’s an investment that will surely offer a great advantage in case of an emergency.

2. Healthcare insurance assures high-quality medical service.

Expat health insurance is an essential key aspect to ensure that you’ll have the same access to healthcare services and medical facilities in the foreign land. It’s your assurance to get the quality of service that you deserve even if you’re not originated in the US. Typically, your insurance provider will help you find a doctor or hospital to assist your needs. 

3. Healthcare insurance offers ease of living abroad.

It’s true that living abroad is thrilling but also challenging, especially when you’re exposed to health risks. However, with suitable health insurance, there is assurance that you’ll have it without delay if ever you need medical assistance. You don’t have to deal with the unfamiliar process of contacting doctors, accessing facilities, and processing bills. 

Moreover, most of the time, your health insurance provider will be able to guide you with the policies and protocols of the country. Providing you the ease of knowing this necessary information to get the medical assistance you need. However, if your provider can’t help you, you can consult an immigration lawyer of total law to guide you with the details of getting and using international healthcare insurance.

4.Healthcare insurance offers expats safety and security in a foreign land.

Usually, the victims of exploitative local hospitals or clinics are the foreign citizens and expats, offering them expensive services. Therefore, getting healthcare insurance is your best option to not fall victim to these schemes. It can provide you protection and security from discrimination and scammer since you’ll be guided to which hospital or doctor to go to. You won’t experience the hassle of panicking about who to call and where to go during emergencies.


Healthcare insurance in the US is not required for citizens and expats. However, the health risk is always there wherever in the country you live, so getting insurance is essential. It does not let you save money when paying medical bills, but it also offers ease of living, protection, and security. If you want to know more about getting US healthcare insurance, you can talk to one of’s lawyers. 

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