The Impact and Determination of Nurses in the Healthcare Community

Updated on August 24, 2020
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An integral part of the staff at any healthcare facility is the team of nurses. They shoulder a tremendous amount of responsibility and ensure the high standards of care with their diligent efforts. The many situations that they face at work challenge their potentials and test them on multiple fronts, making them better at their jobs with every passing day. The change and improvement that their presence adds to this profession are remarkable, which is why they might deserve more credit than you give them.

The duties of a nurse start when a person enters the hospital and lasts to the moment when they leave. They are to attend their concerns and instruct them accordingly, depending on the nature of their complaints. A part of this force works in the emergency section, where they stand prepared to face any patients coming in requiring immediate medical attention. Those in a stable condition are under continuous supervision and have all their needs tended to by the nurses. And that’s what makes the entire facility function efficiently.

The variety of tasks that get assigned to them depend upon the experience and qualification they possess. As an LPN, nurses might get the standard workload of looking after the basic needs of patients. However, a BSN will be preparing medical charts and reports, changing IVs and wound dressings, and even administer medication. The more determined of this lot can also choose to pursue online DNP programs while working to raise the bars for themselves. This doctorate level program qualifies them to lead teams of nurses, get into clinical practice, or even join hospitals on administrative levels. So there’s more to the role of nurses that you only discover once you get curious about their lives.

Here are some areas where the impact and determination of nurses in the healthcare community is highly notable. These should make you well-informed of the heroic acts that nurses perform as they help save countless lives daily.

  1. Enhancing Quality of Care & Treatment

Doctors might be treating the patients, but it is the determination of nurses that’s optimizing the care and treatment. Nurses carry out the doctor’s instructions, communicate with patients, and ensures that their stay in the hospital is pleasant despite the health issues.

They regularly visit patients to inquire about their health and note changes in their conditions. Based on that, they draw reasonable conclusions and prepare elaborate health reports for the doctors to review. That helps with getting them the right treatment for any old or new symptoms that they start showing in response to the medication. It makes the process more efficient and enhances the quality of care provided at the hospital.

  1. Promoting Healthcare with Educational Interventions

Nurses are well-informed and adequately educated on subjects related to health. That reinforces their words with some authority and makes people amenable to them. The nursing staff often utilizes this opportunity to inform their patients about the consequences of their bad habits. They promote better health standards with these educational interventions and ensure that people are looking after themselves the right way.

Moreover, the fact that everyone comes across them multiple times in their lives makes this an effective strategy. People can choose benefit from it without any setbacks or cost, and it’s all thanks to the hard work of nurses. That’s what makes their impact so prominent in the healthcare sector.

  1. Facilitating Medical Assistance

Most patients find it hard to discuss their problems or can’t find the kind of medical assistance that they seek. In such cases, nurses are a blessing, as they are well-connected and have a decent network in the healthcare community to point them in the right direction. By doing so, they are facilitating patients with medical assistance that brings a change in their lives.

Most of these cases could be addicts seeking effective rehab or someone looking for the therapeutic care of sorts. With their actions, nurses are doing a commendable job and giving these people another chance at life.

  1. Drawing Patient Satisfaction

A significant concern for hospitals in exchange for all their services is patient satisfaction. After all, they are running a business and need to make a name for themselves. 

It is often the most challenging part of the job, and nurses are assigned to look after this responsibility. Their contribution and services leave an impression on behalf of the hospital that speaks to the visitors. It convinces every one of the standards of care that a medical facility promises and make them feel comfortable about visiting it for a check-up.

  1. Setting Remarkable Standards for Hospitals

Nurses are also an asset to the medical facility where they work, as they set the norms and defines standards of care that the hospital offers. It helps the hospital earn recognition for its services and make them a leading participant in the healthcare community. That optimizes the influx of patients and flourishes the business exponentially.

  1. Going Above & Beyond to Help

Besides all this, nurses also go above and beyond to help the patients and provide them some relief. They work for extended periods and perform health checks round the clock to ensure their health and safety.

Under emergencies, they deal with a lot of stress and panic but still maintain composure to deliver the promised standards of care. They act as the eyes and ears of absent medical staff and contain the damage until help arrives on the scene. Also, they perform various other tasks, like physical therapy and psychological assistance, to speed up the process of recovery. All this signifies their determination and elevates their contribution by several folds.


All these things outline the impact and determination of nurses in the healthcare community and show how the system might collapse in their absence. With all that said, nurses still have the option to choose how they lead their careers and where they see themselves in the future. Anyone ambitious has the option to advance and seize more promising opportunities, or prepare themselves to become more receptive to them with their qualification. That makes this job all the more exciting to pursue.

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