The How-To Guide to Drug Clinics

Updated on July 14, 2020
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In recent years, increasing social stresses amidst job losses and faced paced lifestyles has led to the unfortunate consequence of increasing drug use. As a rising number of individuals turn to drugs and other substances to ease their pain, many families are desperate to find help. Luckily, drug clinics are now available in most major North American cities, as well as smaller towns.

Types of Drug Addictions

There are various types of drug addictions, with which drug centres can help individuals. These include cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, ecstasy. In addition, individuals can also be addicted to over the counter and prescription drugs, such as DXM and opioids.

Types of Drug Clinics

  • Inpatient – Inpatient drug clinics are well suited to individuals who are suffering from heavy addition and need constant support.
  • Outpatient– Outpatient drug clinics are perfect for individuals who have completed detox, are further into the recovery process, or struggle with a milder form of addiction.  Outpatient clinics allow individuals to continue working, live at home, or take care of family obligations.

In addition, many drug clinics also offer additional substance abuse and addiction treatment. Some examples include gambling, gaming, and sex addictions.

Inpatient Drug Clinic Program Information and Benefits

Inpatient programs come in a variety of forms. For example, many are 30-day, but there are also 60, 90, and more than 90-day options. The length of treatment ultimately depends on the patient, including the severity of their addition, financial status, and available time for treatment. Some individuals cannot commit to longer than 30 days, because of commitments such as work. In these cases, outpatient programs are suggested.

Inpatient programs are perfect for those who are going through detox and withdrawal, as both are quite dangerous to do solo. They also offer full supervision and support.

Outpatient Drug Clinic Program Information and Benefits

Outpatient programs also come in a variety of forms, such as day programs, which offer the highest level of structure and care. Clients often attend the drug clinic five to seven days per week for therapy and group counselling. Other forms include intensive outpatient programs, which treat patients with a plan based on milestones. With each met milestone, the individuals can attend less sessions. Finally, continuing care, such as Narcotics Anonymous, provide group support for those struggling with addiction. For those struggling with alcohol, Alcoholics Anonymous is an option.

The benefits of outpatient drug clinics are flexibility, affordability, and access to family support. Treatment options are often free or more affordable due to the lack of board. Drug clinics often work around an individual’s schedule allowing them to work or go to school. In addition, they also allow them access to the support of loved ones.

Inpatient Drug Clinic Specialties

Various inpatient drug clinics may offer specialty services as well. These include LGBTQ+ services, nutritional counselling, recovery coaching, spiritual care and healing, music and art, equine therapy, and mindfulness-based relapse prevention.

Inpatient Drug Clinic Amenities

Inpatient drug clinics often offer a variety of amenities, such as personal chefs, gym and exercise equipment, meditation and yoga, and aftercare and support.

In addition, many are often separated by gender.

Cost of Drug Treatment Centres

The cost of drug treatment centres varies, often depending on treatment type, amenities, and services.

Some drug clinics are free, while others can cost up to thousands of dollars per day. Free drug clinics can be found on government websites, as well as religious and community groups.

Some treatment centres, such as those treating methadone addiction, may cost approximately $125 per day.

In the United States, a well-known drugs clinic can cost approximately $28,000 to $30,000 USD.

Well-known drugs clinics are available worldwide as well, including parts of Europe and Asia. For example, in Europe, drug clinics range from 11,000 to €15,000 for a one month to five-week stay.

Some treatment centres may accept insurance, or financing options.

When considering the cost of treatment, it is worthwhile to consider the financial and mental/physical cost of a lifetime of addiction. The cost of a stay in a drug clinic can be seen as an investment in an individual’s future.

How to Choose a Drug Clinic

Asking friends, coworkers, and neighbours is one way to get recommendations. For those uncomfortable with this option, consider visiting websites and customer reviews sites for recommendations.

In addition, when inquiring about drug clinics, be sure to ask what types of addictions their programs treat. Next, ask what types of therapies are offered, as well as types of aftercare.  Ask about payment options. Finally, be sure to ask what type of credentials and licensing the facility has.

Drug treatment centres are available in all major North American cities and towns. Do not hesitate to contact one today for more information.

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