The Ethical Framework for Healthcare Professionals Throughout the Industry 

Updated on May 16, 2023

Whether you’re the manager or owner of your own surgery or another medical practice, currently a medical student studying for your degree, or else a nurse working in a traditional hospital setting, as a healthcare professional you’ll naturally be an empathetic, caring and all round “good egg”. 

The ethical framework which is both actively enforced within the medical profession and indeed, the personal codes of conduct that everyone working in healthcare follows, forms the basis of the vocational role. 

Here are the key components of the said framework and how important these ethics are. 

The Legal Standards of Performance, Ethics, & Conduct

Obviously, the medical and healthcare sector in this country is an extensive and complicated network of hospitals, surgeries and private practices, yet regardless of where you’re positioned, the following legal standard of performance, ethics, and conduct work together to achieve the following consistent goals:

  • To investigate any concern with any medical practice
  • To explain to the general public what their expectations should be
  • To outline to medical professionals what’s expected of them 
  • To form a basis of employment standards for newly qualified healthcare staff

100% Care, 100% of the Time

Naturally, any professional role within the medical and healthcare sector is solely focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and/or care of patients, whether they have a strain of the common cold or are battling more serious diseases.

To always put the patient first is the epitome of what a healthcare professional should do, and this level and standard of care is expected and indeed, practiced, each and every day. 

Behavioral Standards 

Just like in any other job role across the entire spectrum of industries, there are certain standards expected of every medical professional, and as such, certain measures are put in place to ensure every individual tasked with caring for others meets these behavioral standards. 

From reputable and established CCM Drug Testing for doctors and nurses, to regular one-to-one meetings with managers to ensure everything is as it should be, these standards are adhered to throughout the entire healthcare industry. 

From protecting and promoting the interests of carers and service users and respecting patient privacy and confidentiality, to reporting any concerns surrounding health and safety measures and appropriate delegation, these standards form the basis of this ethical framework. 

The Emotional Well-being of Medical Professionals

The final element of the basic ethical framework for medical professionals concerns itself with the emotional well-being of each and every nurse, doctor, pharmacist, and dentist and is, perhaps, the most important. 

Now, as much as your employers, ward managers or senior doctors who you may report to in your professional role have both a moral and legal obligation to make reasonable adjustments should you experience a dip in your emotional well-being, so too is this responsibility your own. 

There’s no way you can be expected to be able to give your absolute best to your patients if you’re suffering yourself, so you should absolutely make sure your own mental health and emotional well-being are top priority. 

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