The Effects of Coffee on Human Health

Updated on February 16, 2021

What coffee do you prefer? Which one would you choose in a pour over coffee vs drip duel? Regardless of what your answer is, the following article will be useful for you. It shows whether or not it is worth drinking coffee at all.

A real, well-made natural coffee has a pleasant smell and great taste. It suits multiple situations and can be great for work and leisure. Additionally, there are multiple coffee recipes for different people and their preferences.

Mostly, people love coffee and drink it. However, this drink can have both positive and negative impacts on one’s health. Now, let’s check two sides of the medal one by one. After that, you’ll be able to make your decision: to drink or not to drink coffee.

Coffee Advantages for Health

Let’s start with the positive properties of coffee. Fortunately, a drink is universal. It suits everyone not having specific allergies. So, here is why coffee can be useful.

Energy Charge

Coffee can add to you some liveliness and energy in the morning or during the day. It’s because caffeine stimulating your neural system, blood vessels, heartbeat, etc. That’s why it is not recommended to drink coffee before going to bed. A sudden caffeine dose injected will increase the intensity of your brain and body functioning. It will be much more challenging for you to fall asleep in that case.

Asthma Prevention

Scientists from the University of Milan, Italy, researched to find out that drinking coffee on a regular basis reduces the risk of getting asthma for a person by 25%. In simple words, consuming 2-3 cups of natural coffee daily will make you less vulnerable to asthma. Coffee is a bronchodilator improving and stimulating your breathing capabilities significantly.

Liver Health Boost

Coffee reduces the probability of gallstones appearing. An experiment lasted for ten years to show proof: coffee prevents the gallstone development inside one’s gallbladder. What’s the required dose? The same 2-3 cups of coffee per day.

No Parkinson

Another useful ability of natural coffee is to lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease arising in one’s organism. Research activities in Harvard and other medical and scientific facilities showed 3 cups of coffee consumed per day are able to reduce the probability of a Parkinson’s disease arising by up to 5 times. That’s great, isn’t it?

Weight Loss

Those willing to lose weight will be happy to hear this: coffee can help you get rid of unwanted pounds for sure. One of the best properties of this drink is the ability to stimulate metabolism inside your body. The acceleration of metabolic reactions makes you gain weight slower or lose it after appropriate physical training sessions and exercises.

Memory Improvement

Coffee can improve memory and stimulate associative thinking. It is also useful for one’s creativity. A single coffee break can help you come up with problem solving. A cup of your favorite brown drink in the office can boost your performance significantly.

Lower Muscle Pain

One more great coffee property is the effectiveness in muscle pain reduction. Sportspeople will surely be happy to hear that. 2 coffee cups before your workout will later pay off with higher muscle endurance due to less pain in tissues.

Coffee Disadvantages

Of course, coffee is not a miracle drink being completely harmless. So, here are some possible negative effects that the brewed brown beans can cause on your body.

Potential Toxicity

Low-quality beans can be harmful due to potentially toxic materials contained in them. The same thing works for wrongly cooked coffee as well. After drinking such coffee, a person may feel sick and tired instead of using that ultimate energy charge. However, choosing quality coffee sorts and brands will solve 50% of this trouble. Another half is done by cooking beans right.

Lethal Threat

A lethal dose of coffee is 23 liters consumed quickly as it causes caffeine overdose in your organism. But let’s be honest, any liquid is lethal if you drink over 20 liters of it.

Sleepless Nights

Caffeine is a twofold substance once more. It’s not recommended to intake more than four coffee cups per short time, equaling 400 milligrams of caffeine. In case you know your organism is even more sensitive about caffeine, you should double your carefulness. And, of course, try not to drink coffee several hours before going to bed.  

To Conclude

Summing things up, coffee is useful when you don’t overconsume it. Monitoring your habit and keeping the quality of beans at a high level is a solid guarantee of your health. To make your coffee breaks even more useful, you might want to check the list of top rated coffee makers under 100 dollars and to pick the machine suiting your needs and tastes the most.  

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