The Different Features of a Great Parking Lot

Updated on April 22, 2022
The Different Features of a Great Parking Lot

Creating an aesthetically pleasing parking lot may seem simple, but it involves precise planning. Without enough parking spaces, adequate signage, and an efficiently designed lot, you could hurt your business. Get to know the different features of a great parking lot, and then use this knowledge to develop a well-rounded lot.

Efficient Layout

The layout of your parking lot will decide whether traffic will flow smoothly or end up jammed. Customers could take their business elsewhere due to an inaccessible parking lot or garage design. Directional arrows, easy-to-understand striping, and convenient pedestrian pathways are some of the elements you can add to ensure your lot stays clear of congestion. One-way lanes with angled parking make it easier for employees, clients, and customers to get in and out.

Great Curb Appeal

The parking lot is the gateway to your building and the welcome mat at the front door. Flowers, shrubbery, and trees are all great additions to any parking lot, and they offer other benefits as well. Parking lot maintenance is similarly essential. Ensure that the lines stay vibrant and visible, fix any cracks and holes immediately, and keep the lot or garage clean.

EV Charging Stations

You’ll commonly find electric vehicles (EVs) on today’s roads, and providing customers with a place to recharge their EVs while they’re in your facility is an attractive perk for your business. Just make sure to install more than one station.

Pedestrian Safety and Crime Prevention

Install adequate safety features in your parking lot; otherwise, you could be leaving yourself accountable for liability claims. Appropriate signage and painted curbs can easily prevent accidents. Speed bumps also provide several benefits to your lot. They’ll keep drivers from speeding and keep customers safe, to name a few. Proper lighting is also highly beneficial to your lot or garage design. It may deter criminals from causing trouble because of their inability to hide in the darkness.

When you include these different features of a great parking lot, you create an ideal lot or garage. You should also keep up with lot maintenance on a regular basis.