Why Your Business Needs a Backflow Prevention Device

Updated on April 22, 2022
Why Your Business Needs a Backflow Prevention Device

The process of contaminated water flowing back into a clean water supply is called backflow. Backflow is often caused by a sudden drop in water pressure in your clean water supply, which causes dirty water to flood in. Backflow can damage your plumbing system. It can also sicken or even kill people.

That’s why it’s important to install and maintain your backflow preventer. This device prevents nonpotable water from entering potable sources. Read why your business needs a backflow prevention device.

Protect Employees and Customers From Potential Health Hazards

Backflow can introduce contaminants into your supply of drinking water, which can pose a serious health risk to your employees and customers. A backflow prevention device will help keep your water supply safe and clean.

Many healthcare businesses provide treatment for patients using equipment that relies on safe, potable water distribution to maintain effectiveness and sanitation. A prevention device can keep patients safe and allow practices to continue providing care.

Keep Your Building Safe From Water Damage

Backflow problems can create serious water damage. It can cause flooding and ruin your equipment and building.

Water contamination could also cause you to shut down the potable water distribution system, potentially for a long time. You can avoid costly repairs to your plumbing system and other parts of your business by choosing the right backflow prevention device.

Safeguard Your Community

The places where drinking water lines and commercial and industrial plumbing systems connect are called cross connections. Some companies, including many healthcare facilities, produce substances that could be harmful to people if they enter the water supply at these connections. These harmful substances can sicken people, cause allergic reactions, or even cause death, which is the key reason why your business needs a backflow prevention device.

Protect Your Business From Liability

The law could hold your business liable for illnesses resulting from backflow. Use a prevention device to protect against this. Additionally, some insurance companies offer discounts to businesses with a backflow prevention device. So not only will a prevention device protect you from potential liabilities, but it can also help you save money by insuring your business.

Comply With Local Laws and Regulations

States and municipalities have their own requirements for backflow prevention. Check the rules in your area to know what laws and regulations your business must comply with.

In most cases, you’ll be required to annually test that the device functions properly. If you do not complete the test by the deadline, you can be fined or have your water supply cut off. So be sure to keep your backflow preventer in great shape—it’s got an important job to do.