The Difference Between a Retirement Village and an Aged Care Home

Planning for the senior years of your loved ones can be a challenging situation. You want to provide them with the best experience possible and have their needs taken care of in a fulfilling and enjoyable manner. As they move into the next stage of their lives, you want them to live a lifestyle where they can feel loved and cared for. There are plenty of benefits to moving out of their regular home and these are:

  • Increased social activity
  • Meeting their everyday needs consistently
  • Living in a relaxed and carefree environment
  • Better safety and security
  • Participating in physical activities
  • Being surrounded with like-minded peers

Retirement villages and aged care homes are two options worth considering, but sometimes people easily mistake the two for being the same facility. They might appear similar at first, but there are a couple of things that make them different from each other. Knowing the difference is very important if you’re planning for the retirement of your loved ones. Each facility offers unique benefits that appeal to specific needs and today, we’ll be discussing the difference between a retirement village and Grove City home care so you can make an informed decision about which one works best for you and your loved ones.

Retirement villages

Retirement villages are facilities that provide lots of flexibility and independence. Aged residents can travel on a regular basis and maintain an active social lifestyle. Retirement villages are great for seniors who prefer to live their later years with independence where they require little to no assistance. Nowadays, retirement villages provide additional care services to further enhance the experience of the residents. Their facilities house amenities like internet access, gyms and swimming facilities, as well as recreational parks for social activities.

Perhaps the most important thing in a retirement village is the aged residents sharing a lifestyle with people of the same interests. They can have the social stimulation they need, all while enjoying the independence they prefer in their senior years. Retirement villages come in many different forms and the amenities and services will depend on which type. Here are a few examples:

  • Lifestyle resort – Aged residents can lease land and purchase a freehold title to build their homes.
  • Freehold complexes – Aged residents purchase the freehold title, but the property fees may vary slightly compared to other registered facilities that a retirement village.
  • Right to occupy – The aged resident pays for the right to live in the property with the option of paying for miscellaneous services.

Retirement villages are available to all individuals over the age of 55.

Aged Care Facility

The second option for retirees is an aged care facility. Aged care facilities are usually funded by the government and are intended to provide sustainable care and living for the aged residents. Aged care facilities accommodate seniors with a wide range of necessities. Similar to a retirement village, these facilities provide 24/7 emergency care to ensure that the residents have access to the resources they need at all times. Aged care facilities pay special attention to those who have a hard time meeting their personal needs on their own. In short, these facilities are great for seniors who are unable to live independently.

If your loved ones struggle with personal maintenance and require feeding assistance, an aged care facility will take care of their needs in a loving and compassionate manner. These facilities are generally smaller in size compared to retirement villages and the fees usually cover everything like accommodation and meals. Other services and amenities may also be covered depending on the facility you’ve chosen.The meals are scheduled throughout the day and the general atmosphere is more structured than a retirement village.

This allows aged residents who have difficulty with daily self-management to be able to meet their needs while being in a supportive and caring environment. For aged care residents, they’ll undergo an assessment procedure to identify the level of assistance they need and what services should be included to meet their needs as much as possible.

Retirement villages and aged care homes at a quick glance

Retirement villages and aged care homes both provide individuals with a way to live their senior years to the fullest. While both pay close attention to meeting the needs of their aged residents, they differ in how they provide their services. Retirement villages offer an independent environment where the residents can enjoy an active social lifestyle while aged care homes provide a supportive environment for seniors who are unable to sustain their daily needs by themselves. If you’re planning for the retirement of your loved ones, knowing the difference between the two can make a world of difference. Weigh down your options and choose which facility best meets the unique needs of your loved ones.