The Car Industry’s Drive to Support Our Healthcare Heroes

Updated on July 14, 2022

By Luke Williams

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No matter which segment of the healthcare industry you look at, there’s one common denominator: healthcare workers giving their all while many of us have long grown weary and unfocused. Simply put, they’re truly heroes, and the car insurance industry returns the favor with discounted car insurance for healthcare workers.

Healthcare workers are heroes in their community and the country as well. As the pandemic progresses, healthcare workers are continuing to show up every day.  

While many have bought lunches, promoted scholarships, sent flowers, donated car washes, and even applauded at 8 p.m. every night in solidarity with healthcare workers, many don’t know about the car insurance industry’s way of giving back to these selfless leaders.

Why Car Insurance Rates Are Better Than Ever for Healthcare Workers

Some healthcare workers have had to use their own funds to stay afloat in the pandemic, especially when it comes to personal protective equipment and other protective gear. Women are also showing that they are leading the way, balancing the demands of employment and home while making it look effortless. 

If you’re trying to save money in an uncertain world as a healthcare worker in any capacity, it’s definitely a good idea to look into discounts on car insurance. 

Quote Shopping: a Priority for Nurses 

If you want to get really specific, nurses should be shopping for new car insurance quotes regularly. Why? They represent the most visible part of the healthcare industry. That isn’t to say that other healthcare workers aren’t getting discounts. However, nurses represent a profession that’s easy to understand. 

Most car insurance quotes today are automated, where a digital program is reviewing multiple factors, including current occupation. Underwriting car insurance is always based on risk, and some occupations are tied to higher rates of accidents than others. 

It’s all about the data, but the good news is that nurses represent calm, peaceful, logical drivers that tend to think through different scenarios quickly. Anyone who has worked in a busy hospital or nursing home has seen the power of nurses to stay calm when everyone else may be panicky or upset. 

Unlock New Discounts

How often do you drive? If you’re reviewing your options for car insurance, you might be surprised that there are discounts based on driving activity.

Let’s say that you’ve moved hospitals in the pandemic and you’re now closer to your new workplace. Since you’re driving less than usual, you’re exposing yourself and others to less risk as well. 

This means that you can get a discount based on your driving activity. What if you were to give your insurance company insight into how you drove? Pay-as-you-drive insurance is another great way to save money, as it gives a much more personalized look into your ability to drive safely. 

A Closer Look at Car Insurance for Healthcare Workers

Of course, we have to mention that your professional life still plays a role. Healthcare workers are stepping up in a pandemic to take care of the most vulnerable, the elderly, the sick, and those that need unexpected care. The very characteristics that make someone choose the healthcare industry overlap with the same characteristics that make the best drivers. 

You should be rewarded for your safe driving, your thoughtfulness, and your commitment to taking care of the community you serve. Car insurance for healthcare workers is specialized enough to take these factors into consideration. 

Monetary discounts aren’t the only benefit waiting for healthcare workers. Additional features to their car insurance policy are also available. For example, some car insurance policies offer enhanced roadside assistance to new policyholders, or even the ability to have a lower deductible after a certain period of time with no accidents. 


A Few Notes About Safety and Car Insurance Rates

People working in healthcare have long demonstrated their ability to focus when the world is unraveling around them. Based on that, it makes sense that their car insurance rates would be lower and their number of claims due to accidents would be lower as well. 

If you’re driving a newer vehicle, you may have new safety and anti-theft features that often go overlooked. Indeed, some navigation systems have a built-in alarm system that can alert police if the vehicle is stolen. Or you may travel with a physical device that locks the steering wheel. Make sure that you note these safety and anti-theft features when you’re looking around for car insurance.

The more that you can show your insurance company that you’re committed to driving safely, the more likely they will give you deep discounts on your monthly premiums. 

Get Started with Ease

Not sure how to get started looking? Wondering how to tie it all together? Busy healthcare workers often feel like they don’t have a moment’s peace to really search for car insurance. 

Check out the tips below: 

  • Make sure to fill in your occupation, even if the field says it’s optional. 
  • If asked for the total annual mileage, get as close as possible to what you actually drive. 
  • Don’t hesitate to get multiple quotes. Every company has a slightly different formula. 

By following these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to getting multiple quotes that include discounts based on your position in the healthcare industry. 

The Road Ahead Is Bright for Healthcare Workers

Despite the ongoing pandemic, healthcare workers are in high demand. The rising demand for travel nurses is so great that the average sign-on bonus is over $10,000. Other healthcare workers are sought after by staffing agencies, such as respiratory therapists and even certified nursing assistants. 

While we can’t lend a helping hand in the hospital, we can certainly help in other ways. If you’re going to be on the road taking care of people and driving from place to place, why not look into saving money on your car insurance? 

It’s one expense every month that you have to work in, as we just can’t drive legally without it. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to pay more for car insurance.

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Luke Williams writes and researches for the car insurance website, His passions include writing about personal and corporate finance, insurance, and other ways people can save money, spend better, and drive with peace of mind. 

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