The Benefits of Overcoming Addiction

Updated on October 29, 2020

Addiction, whether to alcohol, drugs, gambling, or something else, is a dreadful disease that causes tremendous misery for the afflicted and those close to them. Make no mistake, it is a serious problem. According to the American Addiction Center’s statistics, over 19 million Americans suffer from some sort of addiction. Fortunately, addiction can be conquered through alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Life can be fulfilling and happy without substance abuse. If you or a loved one is suffering, please seek out addiction treatment in Lexington.

Benefits of Overcoming Addiction

Addiction, though powerful, can be overcome. It may not always be easy (although sometimes it is). Overcoming addiction, however, will lead to a number of positive changes that will prove beneficial to your daily living and ultimate potential. Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Self-esteem. There is a known linkage between low self-esteem and substance abuse. Breaking the addictive cycle can go a long way to improving one’s self-esteem. As your recovery begins to take shape and progresses, your self-esteem will inevitably improve.
  • Personal Finance. Substance abuse can be costly to your pocketbook! According to some estimates, Americans spend over $275 billion (yes, billion) drinking, using drugs, or smoking tobacco. As you begin the process of recovery, you will find that you will have more money. These are funds that you can spend on other endeavors and activities that are life-enhancing, and not destructive.
  • Relationships. One of the hallmarks of addiction is the negative effect that it has on our loved ones and close associates. Addiction often causes the need for isolation. Living sober allows us to re-create the integrity of our relationships and discover a more interdependent mode of living.
  • Your Brain. It is well known that many substance abusers suffer from memory loss or other cognitive problems. Once on the path of recovery, most people find a new sense of awareness, a lifting of “brain fog” and a better ability to remember details.
  • Positivity. Many people who suffer from substance abuse have a negative outlook on life. Cutting the ties to dependency can instill a more positive attitude and re-establish a “joi de vivre” in many individuals.
  • Metal Health. Depression and anxiety are common partners of drug and alcohol abuse. It’s not to hard to understand why. Our brains seek out the easy and quick lift from drugs to suppress our depression. Unfortunately, this fix is only temporary and fraught with so many other problems. As we progress in the ways of sobriety, these dreadful afflictions may lessen or even resolve. We find that our mental state becomes more stable and less choppy and chaotic.

 Your Life Can Really Be Happy and Fulfilling!

Overcoming addiction can be hard, but the benefits are well worth it. With the help of competent professionals, a change in the way we think almost always goes hand-in-hand with recovery. By resuing yourself from the throes of addiction, you will find yourself empowered to live the life that you have always desired for yourself. Be sure to get started today!

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