The Benefits Of CBD Cream For Pain And Other Health Issues

Updated on September 30, 2020

There are dozens of studies that highlight the healing potential of CBD cream. In fact, the PubMed database has dozens of such studies for anyone to refer to. The healing potential of CBD has been studied from many different perspectives to provide a well-rounded overview of the capabilities of CBD. This article highlights some of the major uses and benefits of CBD cream. All these benefits are backed by scientific evidence.

Pain Relief

The latest scientific evidence shows that CBD exhibits analgesic properties – especially with regard to neuropathic pain. It is responsible for pain modulation as well as more specific types of pain such as muscle pain and migraines. There is a growing body of evidence in this regard. 

CBD cream offers pain relief for many aches and pains. The research on the effects of CBD cream for pains is still going on with certain limitations such as short treatment duration, slim patient diversity, and small numbers of patients. 

Anxiety And Depression

CBD cream can also help reduce your stress levels. It shows a lot of promise in helping patients cope with mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. CBD treatments provide antidepressant-like actions when tested on animals. In fact, CBD is found to be compatible with the effects of antidepressant medications. Animals tested with CBD showed positive results similar to animals treated with a prescribed antidepressant named Imipramine.

A study involving 24 subjects gave one group 600 mg of CBD and the other group a placebo. The participants in the study were then requested to deliver a public speech. The group that was treated with CBD had reduced levels of anxiety and psychological discomfort compared to the group that was given the placebo. 

Acne And Other Skin Conditions

There are limited options when it comes to treating acne and other skin conditions. Most of the drugs used today cause multiple side effects in the long run. They will cause the body to build up a tolerance and result in hormonal imbalances. CBD has anti-acne properties. Here are the studies that show the effectiveness of CBD in treating acne and other skin conditions.

CBD helps prevent acne through sebostatic & anti-inflammatory effects. A recent study revealed that CBD cream has the same effect and potential for treating acne similar to a therapeutic agent that treats the condition. Another study experimented with pure CBD to see how effective it is to remove acne scars. The results were quite astonishing. In fact, CBD significantly improved the skin condition of the patient. CBD ointment can also heal inflammatory skin diseases. The effects of CBD cream on eczema were based on skin evaluations and supported by photographic data. 

Cancer-Related Symptoms

The symptoms of treating malignant tumors include queasiness in the stomach, pain, and vomiting. If the patient feels discomfort in a particular part of the body, CBD cream is effective for pain relief.

A study involving patients with cancer-related pain showed a reduction of more than 30% of the baseline pain score in those who were treated with CBD cream. CBD is an effective alternative to traditional painkillers. CBD doesn’t have any side effects like painkillers.

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